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Your Retail Battleplan For The Last Two Weeks Before Christmas - Make Every Day Count!

In an era where people have been deprived of social experiences, consumers are clamouring for a seasonal uplift. The footfall is ready and waiting, Omicron notwithstanding, but coaxing audiences into the right store or e-commerce site requires careful strategy. Here’s how to prepare your Christmas battle plan!

Build An Experience

Consumer satisfaction is all about the quality and the vitality of the shopping experience. When it comes to seasonal one-offs, the most creative ideas are often generated in a team meeting. Powered by a shared vision, and informed by experience, bringing the group together to assimilate ideas can kick start the project with festive enthusiasm. Figure out a plan that is cheerful yet realistic, and true to the spirit of the brand.

Create The Visuals

Building a magical Christmas shopping experience requires attention to the visual details instore. Colour, tone, texture, and quality are all primary communication vehicles between brand and consumer, and Christmas is filled with powerful memes and tropes that audiences are eager to buy into.

Let the marketing team guide your Christmas vision, and make sure that they have a stocking full of festive treats to achieve the highest quality. For instance, digitally enhanced bespoke design can help infuse the visuals with quality, whilst partnering with teams of specialists can help to transform a Christmas wish into a Christmas reality.

Attend To The Details

In a high street full of festive images and experiences, the details matter. For example, if your employees don’t know how to wrap a present with the skill and speed of a Christmas elf, now is the time to brush up with a workshop. Bespoke festive giftwrap can help personalise the shopping experience for consumers, creating a more intimate, festive vibe, whilst creating an unboxing experience filled with Christmas cheer can send a powerful message.

Make It Personal

Personalisation is at the heart of all good retail marketing campaigns. It’s also something that can be challenging to achieve when faced with the consumer expectations that accompany an international celebration. To make sure that your customers feel valued, opt for bespoke marketing material that is tailored to your unique audience, and support it with a meaningful social media campaign. Evidence suggests that consumers continue to value paper marketing material, so including a personalised message as part of the unboxing experience can offer a special Christmas touch.

Communicate And Engage!

However you plan your final sales push before Christmas, the season is one of the best opportunities to communicate and engage with your customers. Thoughtful touches, personalised messages, and high-quality design can help your gift stand out from the crowd so that your brand is remembered long after the baubles have been taken down. As such, tapping into the Christmas spirit by communicating a meaningful experience can generate footfall for months to come.

And Finally…

At Kudos Giftwrap, we would like to wish all of our clients a great end to 2021, which hasn’t been an easy year for many companies, but Christmas is a time infused with hope and opportunity, and we promise to continue to support brands with bespoke packaging. For more advice about how building the right experiences can help your Christmas battle plan, please give us a call.

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