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Your brand is unique, so why settle for a generic marketing and branding strategy? Research shows that many brands under-perform due to failing to send a coherent, authentic message about the company vision, which is one of many reasons why bespoke packaging is central to communicating with customers. Here are the top five!


1) Reflect The Unique Personality Of Your Brand

Packaging is the gateway through which customers access your brand. Judgements are made long before the giftbox is opened, so it’s crucial to ensure that the packaging is sending the perfect message from the moment the parcel arrives. In a world of overcrowded markets, the power of uniqueness is most easily conveyed through packaging design, and studies show that the unboxing event creates “memorable and shared experiences.” These encourage consumers to share the brand by lucrative word of mouth channels.


2) Empower A Customer-Focused Approach

Customers want to feel valued by the brand, and be recognised as individuals, not just  pound signs. Bespoke packaging, with its thoughtful design, shows consumers that their purchase matters to the company. Multiple studies have shown that brand loyalty goes hand-in-hand with personalisation, which is increasingly important in the e-commerce era. Brand architect Nina Chalmers explains that building trust amongst “fickle consumers, bombarded by ever-increasing choice” requires generating respect by paying attention to thoughtful gestures. With custom gift box packaging, the customer-focused message is loud and clear.


3) Increase The Perceived Value Of The Product

Increasing the perceived value of a product can improve returns and attract brand evangelists. Research shows that the shape, texture, and colour of packaging influences how consumers evaluate the product or service, forming concrete ideas regarding value before the contents have even been glimpsed. In other words, when packaging is bespoke, its quality is a strong psychological determiner of value. Value identity leads to positive PR and is therefore a springboard for organisational success.


4) Enhance Communication

Consumers are used to interacting with packaging as their main point of contact with the brand. Many companies, such as Innocent Smoothies, have successfully demonstrated the tactic of speaking directly to the consumer via creative bespoke packaging. The ideal strategy is to ensure that the brand is “unique, authentic, and talkable.” Bespoke packaging can ‘talk’ in multiple ways, such as communicating ecological sensitivity by using biodegradable substrates, or using colour and texture to promote concepts such as quality. Paying close attention to the entire e-commerce unboxing experience is therefore a formidable vehicle for communication.


5) Partnering With Branding Experts

Companies such as Kudos Giftwrap are experts in the field of helping brands to construct the unboxing experience that their consumers deserve. As such, our insight and professional knowledge can help to find practical, cost-effective ways to transform ideas into reality. As experts at communicating values and visions, our team is helping e-commerce businesses to thrive in an era of seismic change.


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