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Building a brand takes time, energy, and dedication. As such, when the packaging becomes a culturally significant collectable icon, the hard work is justly rewarded. It demands specialist skill to create the right packaging experience, so here’s a quick guide to unlocking the potential of collectable packaging for your Christmas and seasonal items.



Why Do People Collect Things?

The underpinning psychology of collecting is mysterious. Studies have shown that there are multiple motivations, which vary considerably from person to person. Some people collect because the objects have intrinsic value to them, others from a sense of nostalgia, or because they want to preserve history. Many collectors recognise the long-term financial benefit, and nearly all share the trait that they find the habit highly addictive. Whatever the motivation, collecting is imprinted on the psyche from early childhood and, if the conditions are right, can be nurtured into adulthood.


Why Do People Collect Packaging?

Packaging is meaningful to people in many ways. Often, it has a powerful ability to invoke happy memories and associations, especially when it is related to accessible experiences. Marketing experts will be familiar with the power of the bespoke unboxing experience, and when this is combined with “lasting product and packaging encounters and packaging that appeals to the senses,” the attraction can be intensified. According to research, this is particularly important during “culturally meaningful celebrations and rituals,” such as Christmas. In other words, packaging can evoke the Ghost of Christmas Past and create a sense of well-being and security.


How Can I Make My Packaging Collectable?

As Christmas gift packaging is about creating experiences, meaning comes from constructing a strong foundation for packaging design. The main focus must be the audience, which technologies such as CRM are helping organisations to understand in greater depth. When packaging is truly personalised, the experience becomes highly meaningful and therefore sharable, helping to increase the perceived value of the unboxing experience. Apple, with its careful attention to bold colour contrasts and gentle textures, is known as being the epitome of unboxing finesse. However, the strategy has become so beloved that watching unboxing videos has become a major internet phenomenon.  


What Advice Can Kudos Giftwrap Offer?

At Kudos Giftwrap, we have helped the packaging phenomenon unfold, and have witnessed its central value to the growth and success of e-commerce. The most successful strategies integrate the unboxing experience with careful marketing strategies that are strongly customer focused. As such, bespoke Christmas giftboxes have an especially loyal following that, in our experience, translates to improved brand identity and the associated financial returns.


What Next?

To learn more about how the right seasonal gift packaging can empower your brand for success throughout the year, have a chat with one of our packaging design experts today.

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