Kudos helps brands to create enhanced customer experiences, distinguishing them from their competitors. Our bespoke range of gift wraps, boxes and accessories transform shopping into an event, adding value to the products that they contain.

Our knowledgeable UK-based team thrives on creating and delivering quality packaging that is desirable in and of itself. We have nearly fifty years’ combined experience fulfilling the requirements of a diverse range of brands, and are well-placed to help you realise your ambitions. We also supply a broad range of ‘off the shelf’ options that can be purchased easily and speedily right here online.


We offer a full bespoke design and visualisation service to help you create your perfect packaging.

We also provide how-to videos to assist with packaging techniques, images for website and related marketing material.

Kudos Bespoke Visual
Kudos Bespoke Discover


We liaise closely with you, through telephone, video and face to face including all stakeholders, to identify your requirements, pain points, vision and objectives, review your competitors and establish a creative brief.

Kudos Bespoke Create


Based on this discovery, our experience and end to end knowledge of packaging we convert your brand values and identity into beautiful, branded packaging that enhances your customers’ experience, and share this journey through visualisation and prototyping.

Kudos Bespoke Manage


Our dedicated team manage the whole process, from designs and prototyping through production, storage and where required multi-site logistics.



We believe the unpackaging is becoming more important than packaging! Whenever you’re with friends and they have something new, you may ask them where it came from. What’s the most regular answer? “I bought it online”. It’s not a good answer for all the brands, marketeers and online retailers that spend their lives marketing and even remarketing to make sure that they get in front of you at the right moment online. Busy gaming Google, playing a digital game of snakes and ladders, only to discover the algorithms have changed and you tumble to the second page. In the days of shopping on the high street you knew where it had come from, and it was an experience, but things are changing, and online retailers will have to change too.

Kudos Giftwrap operates an in-house studio, for design and sampling, and we manage production, storage and logistics from our own distribution centre in Norfolk. We have worked with a number of retailers to improve the unboxing experience, and we understand the security issues for some industries, the importance of the safe transit for goods. But above all we understand the opportunity there is to capture this moment for brand engagement, so consumers know and remember where they purchased from.

Kudos unboxing

Kudos Bespoke Gift Wrap


Invoke the age-old glamour of the department store with made-to-order gift wrap. Characterful, elegant and cost-effective, wrapping paper is an incredibly stylish way to give your products that finishing touch.

Gift-wrapping gives you an edge over competitors and presents a profit opportunity. Additionally, time-poor customers will appreciate the assistance, potentially turning them into valuable brand advocates.

Our talented designers can create hand-drawn designs, fresh graphical prints and branded imprints. We’ll work closely with you to define the messages you’d like to convey with your specialised wrapping. The final designs are available to buy in sheets or on rolls, depending on your preferences.


Increase awareness of your brand whilst fulfilling the desires and aspirations of your customers by opting for fully customised tissue paper, designed to enhance your unboxing experience.

Subtly branded tissue is never considered advertising. Within prestigious brand culture, such packaging is simply the done thing. And when your product is given as a present, branded tissue will let the receiver know that your brand is one that the giver would recommend and like to be associated with.

Tissue paper adds to the excitement of receiving a gift, implying to the recipient that what’s inside is precious and important. Give your customers this exclusive experience at a very cost-effective price. Due to minimum order quantities for printed tissue paper, the unit cost is often very low.

Kudos Bespoke Tissue Paper

Kudos Bespoke Shredded Tissue Paper


Create a uniformity between store colours and web deliveries with printed shred. We offer bespoke print solutions for shredded paper and tissue. From our Eco-friendly range of papers we are able to print to a Pantone colour, and then convert into Rolls, sheets or shred.

Kudos Bespoke Shredded Tissue Paper


Achieve the ultimate in unboxing opulence with our wide range of gift-box options, all ready to be tailored to fit your style. Give your customers the gratifying sense of purchasing an item of distinction with a purpose-made box, produced entirely of high-quality and expertly sourced materials, here in the UK.

Kudos has many styles to choose from – from slick and masculine shirt boxes that complement the superior cuts and fabric to be found inside, to elegant corporate gift packs complete with your choice of bow or magnetic closure.

We also design and supply eye-catching and chic packaging for clients providing online shopping. Call us today to find out how our distinguished designs can help to boost your point-of-delivery touchpoints.

Kudos Bespoke Luxury Gift Boxes

Kudos Bespoke Gift Bags


Beautifully designed bags occupy an iconic and emotive place in our culture. Think about Bloomingdale’s Little Brown Bag or the understated monochrome of the Chanel shopper. Such design-led items confer status on the carrier.

Our bag range presents our clients with a wide range of print options and finishes, along-with a choice of quality embellishments such as eyelets and ribbon closures. We’ll work with you to select the options that best communicate your brand values and objectives.

Durable and alluring bags enable a customer to present to the world who they want to be. Help them to choose your brand over that of a competitor with the appeal of a distinctive bag.


Complete your packaging with tasteful ribbon or premium labels to give a final touch of indulgence.

From chiffon to satin, Kudos is proud to offer a comprehensive range of luxury ribbons, with a vast range of colours and textures in stock, and the options of foil printing, screen printing or raised print to create the perfect custom ribbon for your brand.

Labels can be produced in a wide range of styles and formats and we can advise on appropriate materials and print methods to achieve the finish that is best for your brand. A simple but effective embellishment, they can also be used as stylish bag seals.

Kudos Bespoke Ribbon

Kudos Bespoke Pre-tied Bows


Add a gorgeous finish to your plain or basic packaging, greatly enhancing the brand appeal. These bows are made from ribbon, to fit a certain size box, built entirely to customer specifications. They can be 2-way (one band around a box) or 4-way (making a cross at the top) or 2-Corner type which comes up at diagonal corners of the box.

Kudos Bespoke Pre-tied Bows


Printed bows add an extra special touch to Corporate gifting for Prestigious brands. This niche offering is available in various styles: stick-on and pull bow styles, Metallic or Eco Kraft finish.

Kudos Bespoke Bow

Kudos Bespoke Corporate Bows

Kudos Bespoke Vouchers


If your business gives gift vouchers or sends important hard-copy documents, you’ll be aware of the importance of branded stationery. An outer wallet or folder enhances the experience of the recipient and promotes your brand identity.

A premium folder lends weight to valuations and other significant documents, and conveys your company’s focus on the finer points. Gift vouchers are a popular gift option to reward customer loyalty or encourage customer engagement, and the addition of a tasteful wallet elevates the voucher beyond its monetary value.

We offer a blank canvas approach and create bespoke folders that perfectly reflect your brand image.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of bespoke packaging?
    Bespoke Packaging communicates your branding, and creates a better customer experience, added to this it is optimised for your use or product. Generally this means that it can be packed quicker, saves space and can reduce material usage and save cost. There is often an origination charge, but that is soon absorbed in the savings in time and speed.
  • Can you supply recycled bespoke packaging?
    Yes bespoke packaging can be made from recycled material, and can further be recycled, in the UK we have the facility to recycle cardboard on average 7 times.
  • What is 'unboxing’?
    Unboxing is the event of opening your recent purchase or gift when it is delivered. For online purchases, it is the moment of truth, some may have even forgotten the moment when they clicked and bought, or it may be a complete surprise gift. The moment of unboxing is a vital customer touchpoint, and an opportunity for unforgettable lifelong brand engagement.
  • What is the bespoke packaging process, and what does it include?
    We Discover, Create, and Manage. To get your bespoke packaging right you need to engage with industry experts that can take an end to end holistic review of your packaging/product journey. In the initial discovery phase we uncover any bottlenecks or problems with your existing packaging, and get a clear understanding of your expectations, and the customer experience you want to create. In the Create stage we design and visualise and specify your packaging considering the lifecycle and your unique requirements, always keeping in mind your customer experience. Finally we manage the set-up, production, storage and logistics where required, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • What is the cheapest bespoke packaging?
    Bespoke packaging is an investment in your brand and operation that has long term efficiencies for your business. Some of the fringe benefits can include a reduction in the rate of returns, which is a rising hidden cost for many retailers.
  • Are there any minimum order quantities?
    Minimum order quantities (MOQ) vary for different products, and there are economies of scale to take advantage of on printed products.
  • Can you provide personalised packaging?
    All our bespoke packaging solutions can be personalised to your brand, and printed with your company name, strapline, web address and more.

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