The Legro range of packing station furniture is a European made high quality, robust modular system which can be configured to your requirements, ergonomically designed to increase workspace efficiency.

This is the Rolls Royce of Dispensers – and we can speak with confidence knowing that we’ve never had a recall or issue with one in store for over 10 years.

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The multi-block paper dispensers by Legro are exceptionally well suited to ripping or cutting off paper, foil, cardboard and various other materials quickly and safely. As the multi-block has a completely modular structure, you can put together your own ideal workspace. Our multi-block can be supplied as free-standing, wall-mounted, additional or base model.

This is a patented cutting system for the retail trade that was developed by Legro itself and has won some very prestigious prizes. The system consists of a frame in which you can hang one or more rolls of paper, foil or cardboard, after which you can cut the packaging material quickly and safely. Changing the roll is also quick, simple and safe. The paper dispensers from Legro are available in various sizes, and in both horizontal and vertical versions. You also have a choice of various accessories, such as wall supports, foot supports, substructure clamps and stacking clamps. Thanks to these accessories you can attach the paper dispenser to the floor or to a workbench. This way you can put together your ideal workplace. You can also order most accessories and parts separately.

Kudos Legro Gift Wrap Dispensers

Kudos Legro Ribbon Dispenser


With Curling Ribbon dispensers, you always have ribbon to hand. The dispensers are configurable, available in various sizes, both regarding the width of the dispenser and the diameter of the ribbon roll.

Our Curling Ribbon dispensers bring together optimal user convenience and perfect presentation. It is even possible to manufacture a customised curling ribbon dispenser for you. You have a choice of various accessories such as wall supports, foot supports, base clamps and stacking clamps. With these accessories, you can integrate the curling ribbon dispenser into every situation and concept. Most accessories can also be ordered individually.


The Legro label dispenser is available as two models: as a standard basic label dispenser and as a multi-block model. Both are available in different sizes, both in terms of width and the diameter of the roll. With our label dispenser, labelling can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Labels and barcodes are used for many production and packaging tasks. Labelling must therefore proceed quickly and simply, thereby saving a lot of time and money. The Legro label dispensers make labelling very simple and efficient. The rolls with the labels can be placed easily in the dispenser. The dispensing system on the front side ensures that the label is released from the film so that labelling is quick and efficient. Our label dispensers are available in various models and sizes for different label formats. The multi-block label dispenser is part of the multi-block paper dispenser. This is a patented cutting system for retail trade that was developed by Legro. In the multi-block, label dispensers can be combined practically with a paper dispenser and/or a tape dispenser. Alternatively, you can choose an individual free-standing, wall-mounted or semi-automatic label dispenser.

Kudos Legro Label Dispensers

Kudos Legro Table Systems


The ergonomic, modular and efficient packing and work tables by Legro are perfectly suited to optimising various types of work such as packing, mounting and assembling. Owing to the modular structure, you can set up each workspace according to your wishes and requirements.


The practical trolleys by Legro are available in different colours and sizes. Customisations are possible for the compartmentation.

Many logistics services, webshops, production companies and distribution centres deal with internal company transport. It is important that the transport can be carried out ergonomically, quickly and easily. Efficiency saves time and money. As the type of product to be transported and/or the type of process places specific demands on the (internal) transport, Legro offers a very varied range of trolleys, both standard and customised models.

Kudos Legro Trolleys

Kudos Legro Cutting Systems


The patented Legro cutting system guarantees straightforward cutting of a variety of materials. The blades can also be exchanged quickly and safely. The cutting system is available for both horizontal and vertical use. There is always a cutting system that corresponds to your requirements and budget. Depending on the width, diameter and width of the role, we have the right option for you.