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The rise of e-commerce has meant that 'unboxing' an item purchased online and received through the post has become a real experience and valuable touchpoint between customer and brand. Creating a memorable unboxing experience helps engender greater loyalty in your customer base, while also earning yourself excellent viral marketing as videos are increasingly shared on social media and YouTube. To help stimulate your own unboxing experience ideas, let's take a look at three examples:

1. Apple iPad Pro

Apple really set the bar high when it came to creating memorable unboxing experiences, and the iPad Pro unboxing experience is no different. Their use of stark white packaging with careful splashes of bold colour around a minimalist white or monochrome device emulates and enforces the design principles of their product; compact, sleek and streamlined packaging to go alongside their high-tech, low-fuss range. Across their packaged devices, Apple also paved the way for the creation of layering, providing a clear progression for how the user will unpack the item. Manuals and leads are discreetly embedded in their own perfectly measured niches without falling out or creating clutter; every stage of unpacking unfolds seamlessly, making a wonderful unboxing experience.

2. Hotel Chocolate Inventing Room

With their Inventing Room subscription, luxury chocolatier Hotel Chocolat sends new chocolate inventions to their tasting club subscribers on a monthly basis. To create anticipation and ensure continued buy-in, they know their unboxing experience packaging is key. The front-opening corrugated box allows customers to literally lift the lid to reveal their treats for the month. The box represents the brand from outer to inner, maintaining their rustic Rabot estate, cocoa farm theme from the stamp-style font on the box through to the natural packaging inside.

3. Glossybox Advent Calendars

Luxury advent calendars are a high-mark-up product that have become a trend in recent years. To maintain their value, they need to provide an exceptional unboxing experience. The Glossybox advent calendar, comprising skincare and beauty essentials, is one that has honed in on this, creating a 'walk-in' effect. On arrival, customers literally open the door into their advent calendar as though stepping into a bathroom cabinet, with four drawers that pull out, each containing a numbered box concealing a beauty product for each day. The pretty-coloured packaging and nestled effect amplify the luxury and surprise elements of advent calendars, creating a real experience each day.

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