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Having the most creative packaging is always a plus point for your customer base, as it'll delight and excite in a simple way that's additional to a customer's known purchase. But where to start?

With some inspiration from high-end brands and retailers who have achieved new creative heights with their packaging choices, you can begin to consider how to create an 'unboxing experience' that'll leave people purchasing from you long after the first click to your website. So, let's look at some memorably creative packaging examples.


Luxury Watch Packaging

You could simply have a standard jewellery box for a watch and still get great results. However, have a glance at this article to see how much further some watch designers have gone to enthral their customers.

You might love the idea of keeping your watches in tins, ready to be revealed through a peel-back lid. For a more classic option, stick to cardboard boxes: far from limiting, cardboard can be opened in more surprising ways than you think, beyond the simple lift of a lid. Introduce colour and you've got yourself a winning combination.


Unique Perfume Packaging

Perfume packaging accompanies the sensory experience of perfume, as rather than being a mere accessory, wearing perfume creates an entire aura. This is all the more reason why your perfume packaging should reflect that perfume's fragrance.

Florally scented perfume? Try and emulate a flower blooming in the packaging, with the wrapping folding outwards as the bottle is revealed. Alternatively, if your fragrance has an edgier scent, it's worth thinking beyond the classic glass bottle-and-box combo to catch a customer's eye while it's still on the shelf.


Innovative Jewellery Packaging

We all know what a ring box looks like - so why not go for something different? These creative jewellery packaging examples will get you thinking! Why not, for example, consider a wooden jewellery box? The packaging will be a memento of the gift-giving occasion, which both the giver and the recipient will love. Bright colours are also sure to attract positive attention, emulating the style of the jewellery within. Colourful jewellery should shine from the inside out!


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