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5 Reasons Bespoke Packaging Can Be Used to Help You Stand Out from The Crowd

In recent times, more and more of us are shopping online. To make sure the product gets to the customer in pristine condition, many brands are upping their packaging game, making it harder for specific companies to make a lasting impression. Take a look at our top tips to help you stand out from the crowd using bespoke packaging.


Include Unique Prints And Finishes

There are a plethora of designs and styles to choose from to make your packaging unique. You don't have long to capture consumers' attention, so you need something that looks slightly different from the rest. Finish it off with unique materials for that extra little touch and for something that provides a positive tactile sensation.


Add Custom Inserts

Custom inserts can be used in two ways. One can be to hold the product in place and display it in a nice fashion. The other promotes the idea of branded inserts, which can connect with consumers and encourage them to buy again from you. To make a long-term impression, add a personalised message inside the bespoke packaging boxes. This also promotes word of mouth marketing.


Choose Ethical And Environmentally-Friendly Options

More consumers want environmentally-friendly products than ever, and ethics play a huge role in their final decisions. Switch to recyclable and biodegradable materials, if you haven’t already, not forgetting to keep your packaging experience aligned with the brand you’ve created.


Properly Showcase Your Product And Company

Your packaging is a chance to provide an outstanding first impression of your company and really put your product on show. Think about the image you want to portray and design the package to match. Invest in some bespoke packaging supplies and see what you can come up with. Remember, a simple design won't provide the 'wow factor,' so you'll need to think outside the box.


Design It To Be Reused Or Easy For Returns

Building on ethics, your packaging should be easy to reuse should the customer want to use it for bespoke gift boxes or to save bits and pieces in at home. Keep in mind, too, that making it usable for returning items is a bonus in many consumers' eyes as they won't have to pay for an envelope or package out of their own pocket.

By implementing these ideas into choosing your brand's bespoke packaging, you'll make sure you stand out from the rest in the current competitive online market as well as in the shops.

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