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For all those working in e-commerce, gift packaging is an essential part of the service. However, with the growing focus on how we can cut down on waste and help our planet, your customers will be more and more cautious of how packaging affects the environment. While you want the gifts they buy for friends and family to look smart and well-presented in high quality packaging, eco-friendly options paint your company in a very positive light, and increase the chances of a customer eager to return.


Environment And Packaging

For starters, we’re saying goodbye to glittery boxes and ribbons – 2020 was the unofficial end of glitter in gift packaging. It adds a beautiful sparkle and is no doubt cheery and festive, but glitter lingers for a very long time – even, as EcoWatch says, ending up inside Arctic ice. Last year we saw far less glitter, and a bigger emphasis on statement colours, instead.

And, as with most things in life, less is more. Eco-conscious consumers will be keen to minimise the amount of paper and plastic that goes into a great set of gift packaging – whether that be a reduction in the amount of non-recyclable materials, or a total reduction in materials overall, thereby creating less plastic pollution (every little helps!).


Worst Packaging For The Environment

One of the worst offenders in packaging is plastic – its brightness and strength make it a convenient sell, but plastic takes years to break down and harms masses of wildlife along the way. Anything that uses plastic should be avoided, so even if you don't want to switch your gift paper option, then select luxury eco-friendly gift boxes, as any small switch will help make a difference on your store's environmental impact.


Best Packaging For The Environment

The best packaging options are eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable. Kudos Giftwrap's range of eco-friendly, recycled wrapping is ideal for supporting sustainable wrapping production, as it can be recycled once the gifts are unwrapped, making for a beautiful and environmentally-friendly solution.

Eco-friendly ranges of paper tend to be subtle and low-key in their design, but wrapping paper that has prioritised design alongside impact will help the planet AND impress your customer. Nonetheless, with more and more high street stores such as Costa Coffee and Lush Cosmetics using paper carrier bags at point of sale, the average person is now quite used to associating eco-friendly packaging with sophistication and trend.


So Eco-Friendly Packaging Can Be Fun?

Absolutely! And with Kudos Giftwrap, it's easier than ever to purchase designs that your customers will adore, while ensuring your packaging waste is lowered. Your employees will also be happier knowing that the gift-wrapping experience they provide for customers will still bring smiles come Christmas, but without the adverse impact on our planet. Check out our range of products today.

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