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The team here at Kudos Giftwrap is committed to helping your business create a memorable unboxing experience, which is why we are always looking for the latest trends in colour, style and form. We’ve just had a Summer to remember – and in lockdown, many of us who couldn’t go and visit our loved ones instead chose to show our love and appreciation through thoughtful gift-giving. Dressing up a gift can make the experience so much more fun, and wrapping, bags, and accessories are just a few pieces of wrapping up a thoughtful gift. The following are some of the packaging industry trends which really stood out to us during the 2020 spring/summer season.


Popular Colour Trends

Colour is arguably the most iconic aspect of branding. Committing to one colour and making it truly your own can make all the difference in positioning yourself at the forefront of the customer’s mind.

Black and white, with it’s maximum contrast, will always be a mainstay, but the spring/summer season also saw neutral tones blended with bright and bold colours to create energetic patterns and highly creative designs. The Pantone colour of 2020 is Classic Blue, so it is no surprise that this calm and familiar colour featured heavily in many popular packaging designs. Some of our most popular packaging options incorporated darker blue tones which added an air of sophistication, with lighter hues for a modern feel. There is always value in incorporating fresh colours into your packaging, especially as consumer trends can change so quickly.

Some customers lean closer to plain packaging which can be dressed up with subtle bows, ribbons, or cards. Discreet packaging is less eye-catching, and with no branding or pattern, leaves much more open to imagination.


Eco-friendly Packaging

Luxurious recycled packaging was a very popular trend during the spring and summer season, with luxurious designs that were also kind to the environment. With every year, we’re becoming more and more aware of our impact on the planet, including the fact that the further we are from the source of the material, the bigger the carbon footprint, and that’s just one reason why recyclable packaging is so important.

As more businesses focus on reducing the impact of packaging waste, this year we have seen more businesses than ever start to switch to our environmentally friendly ranges. We are fully committed to incorporating eco-friendly materials into our packaging designs and as the popularity of this trend has grown so much this year, we have added everything from patterned counter rolls and luxurious e-commerce boxes to sustainable paper, bows and paper bags into our store.


British Summer Trends

We have experienced a summer of patriotism, as many customers embraced red, white and blue and flew the flag for our nation. Many British companies have incorporated the reds and blues of our flag into their packaging, which appeals to the more patriotic customer and also implies the product was manufactured here in the UK, which often means higher quality and far more sustainable from pr. From premium brands which were looking to highlight the heritage of their products to those which were simply embracing the British summer, our ribbons and union jack counter rolls were flying off the shelves during spring and summer.

These are just a handful of the trends which have proved popular so far this year and we are excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for the packaging world. Whether you are interested in traditional gift-wrapping trends or popular eCommerce packaging trends, you can rely on our team to help your business stand out from the competition. To find out more about our wide range of packaging options, please contact our team today.

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