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Predicting Autumn/Winter 2020 Gift Wrapping Trends
This year has certainly been unusual, with businesses across the country closed for part of the pandemic and many consumers still quarantining and social distancing. Although the UK has emerged from lockdown, Christmas shopping this year is likely to be dominated by customers browsing and shopping for gifts online. You might remember Theo Paphitis from Dragons’ Den who recently gave an interview to the BBC, during which he talked about the quickening shift from retail to online shopping. He refers to “Mrs P”, saying, ‘‘Every single day, she’s on her keyboard, and she’s ordering online…she never did that before!’ You can check out the full interview here.


Christmas shopping online in 2020

If we weren’t already buying more and more online than ever before, Coronavirus lockdown has certainly pushed more of us into the world of online shopping! Coronavirus restrictions have made window shopping a bit of a thing of the past, with rules over what can and can’t be touched in-store, so not many of us are browsing in person anymore. This is why it’s vital to provide beautiful gift-wrapping options for your customers this year – for pre-wrapped gifts that can be easily ordered online and delivered to a loved one.

As a retailer, you may also wish to tweak your collection or delivery options and be mindful of those customers who are self-isolating or otherwise staying at home. For many of us, Christmas 2020 will be a time to celebrate, embrace our post-lockdown lives and simply spread a little festive joy. Although the crowds are likely to be smaller, this season is a great chance for businesses to show customers they care with the latest packaging industry trends.


Opulent silver with vibrant blue

The Pantone colour this year is Classic Blue, so we expect blue tones to play a significant role this season. This stunning colour combines perfectly with silver to create an air of opulence, with lavish patterns incorporating both warm and cool tones. Think midnight blues, aquamarine tones and bright silvers which work together to create a glamourous yet festive feel. These colours pair beautifully with many other seasonal tones, so blue and silver packaging is a great choice for any retailer this season.


Deck The Halls with a rich and traditional Christmas style

As we light fireplaces, hang soft red stockings up, and decorate with gold tinsel for the perfect Christmas look. It’s been a strange year and, going into the crisp and cold season, many people will be looking for cosy familiar comforts, and naturally gravitate to the rich, warm colours of classic Christmas – deep red and sparkling gold. Remind your customers of their favourite Christmas experiences with stunning designs and traditional patterns which embrace the spirit of Christmas.


Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper for the environmentally conscious

Ripping Christmas presents open is one of the great joys of the festive season, however, sadly this can lead to a significant amount of waste. As more consumers and businesses look to reduce their waste and their environmental impact, we predict that eco-friendly packaging is going to be extremely popular this year. This doesn't mean we have to lose the colours and patterns we love, though - instead, businesses can opt for recycled rolls, bows and ribbons to show customers how much they care. At Kudos Giftwrap, we consider our products very carefully, with a lot of emphasis on using recycled materials, to create a new product that, one day, can itself be recycled.

Although this Autumn/Winter will see retailers adapt to a new normal, we know that customers appreciate the thought and effort retailers make with their packaging. So, whether you are an online retailer considering the Autumn/Winter e-commerce packaging trends, or a traditional store looking to stand out with the latest gift-wrapping trends, we are fully committed to supporting your business. To find out more about our predictions for the Christmas season and how we can help your business, please contact our team today.

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