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The news that John Lewis Partnership is expanding its click-and-collect service will certainly have come as a blow to many smaller companies this week. In a year where lockdowns have already drastically decreased sales, independent businesses are at a loss over how to compete with retail giants this Christmas season - but help is at hand.

Fortunately for smaller retailers, the move to ‘contactless’ collection won’t entice customers who value a personal touch. The experience of unboxing a thoughtfully-wrapped gift, which independent businesses are uniquely able to provide, is irreplaceable, and will undoubtedly prove to be a point scored against conglomerates.


Personalised Packaging To Maximise Customer Satisfaction

And for those seeking carefully-considered, bespoke wrapping solutions, there is no company better suited than Kudos Giftwrap to set your business apart from the crowd. With beautifully-printed, high-quality paper and labels designed for a luxury market, we deliver personalised packaging to maximise customer satisfaction and encourage loyalty to your business.

It goes without saying that Christmas will be different this year, and with families separated and gatherings cancelled, it's more important than ever that gifts communicate care and connection across distance. For customers sending gifts directly through businesses, the guarantee that the presentation of the packaging will reflect the quality of the products will be a key factor in choosing where to shop. After all, it's not just what's inside that counts!

Luckily, there's nothing like printed wrapping paper for getting people excited about what's inside a box, and with our focus on quality, your business's product will be at the top of the pile. From delicate snowflakes and stylish stars to bold reindeer designs, our Christmas packaging range will complement any product and remind customers of the value of an independent business's personal touch.


Matching People To Paper

At Kudos, we’re experts in matching people to paper, and we're passionate about making sure your gift wrap promotes your business. We’ll help you decide on a range to fit your brand and budget, and can provide samples to ensure you’re satisfied. Our expertly coordinated packaging is sure to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers, sending your business straight to the top of the ‘nice’ list for the coming year!

Kudos offers a bespoke consultation service to discuss all of your packaging needs, and our friendly team is on hand to advise you throughout. We look forward to working with you and helping make this Christmas one for you and your customers to remember!

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