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Mobile technology was already transforming the retail world long before Covid closed down the high street. Fast, convenient, and safe, e-commerce has established itself as the ideal shopping medium for consumers and retailers alike, and Kudos Giftwrap are proud that our customised gift boxes are part of the story. Here are 5 reasons we think e-commerce is worth the investment for all retail businesses:

1) Expanding your reach

High streets can offer excellent retail experiences, but their geographical limitations will always narrow the potential audience. Humans are creatures of convenience, so shoppers are easily deterred by bad weather and travelling time. Expanding the reach of a brand requires thinking outside the box, and the creativity and choices offered by e-commerce create an ideal vehicle for this.

To embrace the potential of new audiences, it’s important to bring the immersive high-street experience straight to the doorstep, so expand your reach by combining an e-commerce platform with custom gift box packaging that sends a dynamic, brand-enhancing message.


2) Creating Exclusivity

Connecting with potential customers in a way that is personalised and meaningful is one of the great benefits of taking your business online. Advanced algorithms and data analytics can inform companies about what makes their markets tick, enabling organisations to design solutions that look and feel exclusive.

To generate an exclusive e-commerce experience, nourish and grow your data, and use it to create targeted packaging that responds to the values of your audience.


3) Building Meaningful Communication  

Consumers appreciate face-to-face customer service, but when bricks-and-mortar shops are hard to access or are closed due to lockdowns it can be a real challenge to keep meaningful communication flowing. With an e-commerce presence, organisations can demonstrate to their audience that they are still there, and still care.

To ensure that communication remains meaningful, even in a digital space, focus on authenticating the brand identity from the website right through to the unboxing experience.


4) Enhancing Visibility

When it comes to brand awareness, visibility is everything. With so many companies using the digital space as their main route to market, standing apart from the crowd requires becoming part of the action.

Forging a competitive advantage in the online world requires differentiating your brand through the quality of your customer experience, and bespoke gift packaging is an excellent way to offer that unique edge.


5) Taking Control Of The Experience

Online retail gives companies an unprecedented level of control over the purchasing experience, with the unique opportunity to create memories, particularly during the unboxing phase. The right unboxing experience brings together shape, colour, and touch to generate the full impact of the brand.

When venturing into the e-commerce arena, brand creators can use carefully designed bespoke packaging to deliver brand values and vision straight to the customer’s doorstep.     


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E-commerce is here to stay, offering retailers a diverse range of new opportunities to boost sales, grow ideas, and craft a competitive edge. To make brands come alive, packaging is the place to start. For more information, please give one of our e-commerce design team a call today.

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