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What image type do I need for printing my logo nicely? 



Vector files are images that are built by mathematical formulas that establish points on a grid. Because they can infinitely adjust in size without losing resolution, vector files are more versatile for certain types of tasks than raster files.



Raster files are composed of pixels. Raster images can’t be resized significantly without losing some of their resolution quality. Images distort and become grainy when stretched to fill a larger space, which is why they can appear pixelated when resized. 



Vector image formats - .Ai / .EPS / .PDF*

The Good
- Can be infinitely adjusted without losing any quality
- The ideal format for logos and illustrations

The Bad
- Not every vector file type is necessarily suitable for every job


Jpeg - Raster image type for use in small format printing or digital images

The Good
- Suitable for photos in small format printing
- Great for images on social media

The Bad
- Loss of quality when editing
- Flat image, so no transparency


PNG - Raster image type for digital use. Does not support colour spaces outside RGB

The Good
- Lossless compression makes for good image quality at smaller file sizes
- The ability to maintain transparency, for graphics such as overlays and logos for digital use

The Bad
- Quality is not suitable for printing at any size


TIFF - High quality raster images. Great for photography and desktop publishing

The Good
- Much better for photo editing
- The ability to print in much higher quality at larger sizes

The Bad
- Much bigger file sizes



How do I get hold of the right sized image of my logo?

If you have had a logo designed in the past you could request a high resolution logo from your design or marketing team. You can ask for a vector image file and they should be able to fulfil your request.

If you are unable to obtain a suitable logo file, we can offer a full redrawing service for a small cost. Having your logo redrawn isn't just limited to one job either, you will be able to use it for all your future design needs, including all sizes of print and digital use.

Contact the team at Kudos to discuss your logo/branding needs 01923 220055.



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