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The concept of the ‘unboxing experience’ has transformed the way that online retailers package and present their goods. Getting the packaging right can create a powerful first impression and extend the reach of your brand. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.



What Is An Unboxing Experience?

Unboxing as a part of brand identity is a phenomenon that was seeded in social media, and which quickly became a marketing goldmine thought to increase repeat sales by up to 52%. When consumers began filming themselves opening their products and sharing their critiques of the packaging on YouTube, theorists quickly took note and began researching. Studies have now shown that an unboxing experience provokes a range of emotions, from endorphin-rich satisfaction to stress-relieving relaxation. These positive responses are efficacious and, unsurprisingly, are becoming central to e-commerce success.


How Does The Unboxing Experience Work?

In a world where we are separated by lockdowns, high street closures, and global distances, packaging has become the primary point of communication with consumers. Therefore, the giftbox has a major role to play in creating positive first impressions. Whether the organisation invests in it or not, the packaging inevitably speaks with the voice of the company. The design, shape, colour, and texture of the packaging convey multiple messages about everything from quality to ethics, and this is experienced by the consumer in a single, intense rush. Get it right, and your customer has been instantly blown away by your brand. Get it wrong, and you’ve got immediate negative press.


Building Relationships

As a communication vehicle, bespoke packaging can build trust with consumers. For instance, investing in quality materials that look and feel valuable make customers feel like their purchase is valued. As it demonstrates personalised care, this can be a much more powerful way to reward consumers than, for example, offering vouchers and similar incentives. When companies make consumers feel valued, the bonds of brand loyalty are strengthened.


Standing Out From The Crowd

The e-commerce market is notoriously overcrowded, and this is as difficult for consumers as it is for companies. No matter how excellent the website is, customers are still faced with a baffling array of choice, and this is made more complex by trending sales strategies such as white label reselling. As such, as the first point of physical contact, the unboxing experience has the capacity to make a powerful and memorable impression.


How Can Kudos Giftwrap Help?

As a complex and powerful medium for customer engagement, the unboxing experience must be handled with care. Seemingly minor details such as packaging colour can have a surprisingly strong influence over how products are perceived, so the correct harmony of software, creative talent, and experience is required to unlock the full range of bespoke giftbox benefits. For more information, please give us a call to discuss your goals for your brand.


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