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Custom printed gift boxes

In the modern business world, your brand is more important than ever. It is how you stand out from your competitors and how you connect with consumers. It is also key for stimulating certain emotions in consumers, which can then make them feel more positive towards you. Of course, all this is key because it can help drive more sales your way and increase profits.

As a result, increasing your brand image is crucial to success. One great way to go about it is using custom printed packaging boxes and custom gift box packaging to help. But just how should you go about designing this sort of packaging?


Get Your Colour Scheme Right

It is key to think carefully about the colour scheme your custom printed gift boxes and packaging will use. This can seem a little overwhelming though, with so many colours to choose from. A good tip is to make sure that the colours you use have great visual impact and complement each other. It is also worth making sure the colours in your custom packaging tie in with your brand colours for maximum impact.

Some colours print better on certain types of material, so we recommend seeking expert advice before you reinvent the wheel or splash out on a gorgeous 3D image of packaging that may not look that great when it comes into reality. Try and think outside the box – sometimes an unlikely colour combination can be the very thing that makes your packaging memorable and truly one-of-a-kind!


Ensure Your Branding Is Consistent

It is not just about matching your colour scheme to your branding when designing custom gift boxes for business. You should take care to ensure your branding is coherent in general. The simple rule is that consumers should see the same branding on your packaging as they do on your social media accounts or your company letterhead. If you have a different version of your brand across different channels it will look unprofessional, inconsistent and can be confusing.


Try To Show How You Are Different

Although retail is a busy sector, it is still key to show consumers how you are different from competitors. Your company is unique simply because you have your own story and own people driving it along. Try to use custom packaging which incorporates design touches unique to your company. This will help your brand stand out from the crowd and show you to be different.


Link To Your Main Selling Channels

When designing custom printed packaging, remember to link back to your main selling channels. When consumers receive your package and open it, this is the period in which they have the most engagement with it. It is therefore key to link back to your main selling channels on the packaging clearly, to drive future sales.
Keep an eye on social media – the very place your customers are likely to pass time. Is your packaging Instagram-able? Adding your social icons or handles might be the missing ingredient to getting social referrals right when your customer gets their delivery.


Resist The Urge To Over-design

Designing your own custom printed packaging is exciting, fun and creative. With lots of design options open to you, there can be a real temptation to over-design, but make sure to hold back – less is more! Rather than going for an overly complex design with lots of elements, try to keep your packaging design simple. Confident, clear design connects better with consumers and is easier for them to quickly recognise.


Custom Printed Packaging Boxes With Kudos Giftwrap

If you want to enjoy the many benefits that well-designed custom packaging boxes deliver, let Kudos Giftwrap help. Our bespoke packaging options come in many styles and we have over 50 years’ experience in the sector. Browse our website today or get in touch via the contact form for more details.

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