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Does your company have the type of target market that appreciates the beauty of packaging and the unboxing experience? When your customers value the experience and quality of a brand and are used to the immersive experience of a high street boutique, the transition to ecommerce can present real challenges. Thankfully, delightful unboxing experiences are still possible for ecommerce products, and can guarantee the wow factor for your brand however customers choose to engage with your goods.

The Unboxing Experience

When it comes to building a successful brand, first impressions matter. With branded packaging, a powerful vision of identities, values, and quality is immediately visible to the consumer, initiating a dynamic product experience. The right packaging can build a deep and resonating relationship with the customer, creating a memorable, shareable experience.

This is where the unboxing experience comes in: with the right packaging design, customers can get the thrill that your brand offers without the need for visiting a shop. When they upload the pictures to their social media, your social reach and potential ecommerce audience grows.  

Varieties Of Ecommerce Packaging

Ecommerce packaging is undergoing a period of great innovation and design creativity. For instance, the demand for sustainability has generated a wide range of imaginative substrates, such as mushroom-based card or plantable paper, which are ideal for Gen-Y and Z focused vendors.

Advanced digital capabilities also enable designers to get creative with the shape and sizes of boxes, providing enticing packages for all manner of products – including awkwardly shaped or ‘mundane’ products. 

If you can picture your product inside an ideal boutique, it is now possible to recreate the experience with a stylish bespoke box. Anyone looking to capture the ecommerce market should see this as an exciting growth opportunity.


It’s no secret that big players such as Apple pump serious money into packaging and have reaped the rewards. From the tactile experience to the iconic simplicity, the box is one of Apple’s great masterpieces. However, immersive packaging doesn’t have to require a big budget. Instead, it needs a blend of careful design and thoughtful attention to details. Costs will therefore vary, but the positive ROI is well known.

Budgeting is important, so, in order to reap the best rewards, work with a company that understands both the importance of the unboxing experience and the need for sensible cost targets.   

Best Ecommerce Packaging Examples

As customers and companies become more aware of the power of thoughtful packaging, the market has been flooded with creative ecommerce ideas. For instance, designers have been counteracting the bland experience of plain brown boxes by constructing vibrant, absorbing interior packaging. The result is immersive, plunging the consumer into the full experience of the brand. Strategies include internal patterning, textures such as tissue or satin, and careful product positioning.

When it comes to great ecommerce design ideas, bespoke unboxing experiences are unlimited. To learn more about taking the immersive experience of your brand to the doorstep of your consumer, have a chat with one of our retail packaging designers today.

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