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Have you thought about the unboxing experience you provide to your customers lately?

If you haven't, it's no surprise - it's not something many businesses think about. But providing the best unboxing experience possible is important - just by using unique gift box packaging and some bespoke packaging design, all manner of businesses can start providing their customers with a better unboxing experience with their products.



Seven key tips for you to try

Here are seven of the top tips you should think about trying, to improve the unboxing experience for your customers.

Box branding - Bespoke packaging boxes are no longer exclusively the reserve of big businesses with swollen marketing budgets. With some ingenuity and just a little investment required, smaller businesses can develop a unique and clear voice for their brand.

Wrapping services - Many customers value their time above all else and will be prepared to pay extra for a gift-wrapping service they can trust. Start simple with some ribbons, bows, and tissue, and then begin to expand your wrapping options from there.

Innovative materials - Think outside the box (pun intended!) when it comes to the materials you use. For example, you can think about using eco recycled tissue paper or cardboard to package your products for improved green credentials in the minds of your buyers.

Presentation matters - Think about how you pack your items. You don't want to put too many items in close proximity, but you also want to avoid appearing wasteful by using too much packaging. Get input from those around you to find some inspiration and opinions.

Offer samples - Free samples can be an excellent way to encourage new buyers, as there's no risk on their part. It's your opportunity to impress them with the quality of your product. It's also a great way of clearing out overstock items.

Get personal - Add the option to let customers personalise their package to some degree, whether it's in the form of a printed message on a card or even maybe personalising the box itself with the name of the recipient and a customised message.

Market yourself - Be sure to send a flyer, brochure, or sales letter with clear branding on it and some products that you would like to advertise. If your business is small, take the time to personalise your suggestions relative to what has been bought.

You can start putting these seven key tips into action by browsing our products today.

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