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So, you’re running a successful high street shop and footfall is high. Is that enough or do you want your brand to be the one that customers think of first when they identify a product that they wish to buy? If so, you desire for your brand to be a destination store. A destination store is a retail outlet that customers instinctively think of and go to for a particular type of product (or service – as in when we Google a search term). Sometimes this is because a store is synonymous with a particular product; however, it can also be because the store has strong branding and customer support, and the relationship between the two parties is positive.

Becoming a Destination Store: Why People Matter

With Christmas around the corner, what steps should you take to help your store to become a destination store?

Understand Your Customers

Retail businesses that attempt to cultivate relationships with their customers often discover an essential that is missing from their previous marketing strategies: understanding their customers. Attracting new customers, and securing the long-term loyalty of existing ones, can only be achieved if you understand what sort of people purchase from your store. What is it that attracts them in the first place? What types of consumers consciously visit your outlet and buy your products?

The old adage that ‘80% of your sales comes from 20% of your customers’ is, to an extent, true. You won’t always please everyone, but by focusing your branding and service efforts on your core customer demographic, you’ll secure their long-term loyalty.

Allow Customers To Experience The Product

You may have an omnichannel presence, with a website and social media as well as your high street store; however, the aim should be to use your digital channels to complement, not replace, the walk-in experience the shop offers.

Customers will never fully experience a product online. Shopping is tactile and multisensory, so online shoppers need to be drawn into your physical shop so they can see and touch products and talk about them with expert sales staff. By facilitating this experience, you’ll help to create long-term relationships with your customers who are drawn back to your brand time and time again.

Complement The Product With Custom Gift Box Packaging

There’s nothing as powerful as custom-made gift boxes for creating a sense of anticipation and excitement when unboxing a gift. At Kudos Giftwrap, we believe that bespoke packaging can help to secure a generation of loyal customers for your brand, ensuring your shop becomes a destination store that’s renowned for its high-quality.

With custom-made gift boxes, you can:

  • Create a memorable unboxing experience to forge a strong affiliation with your brand.
  • Convey a sense of individuality that sets your brand apart from its rivals.
  • Promote your brand identity so that it becomes synonymous with the product.
  • Offer an exclusive gift box service for shoppers for which they will return in future.

Your Next Step

If your business is ready to become a destination store, get in touch with Kudos Giftwrap today to arrange a free, no-obligation quote for your brand’s custom-made gift boxes.

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