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The reopening of shops after multiple lockdowns has been welcomed by industry leaders, retail managers, and customers alike: but the high street to which shoppers returned is markedly different, in many ways, from the one they left when the virus first struck.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, over 5,000 UK retail businesses have closed. For many, lockdown was the final straw. For the shops that remain, customer retail behaviour has changed. Internet shopping is now embedded in the digital landscape of the country like never before, although for retailers who have expanded into online sales channels, the high street still represents a lucrative opportunity to flourish.

Will the traditional high street shopping experience become consigned to history along with some of the UK’s most iconic retail brands? In all likelihood, no – and this is why:

Why The UK High Street Is Here To Stay

While the internet may offer the ultimate in convenience for shoppers, face-to-face shopping is an experience that is impossible to reproduce online. From trying on clothes and road testing electronic appliances to browsing books and chatting to retail assistants, shoppers will always need the personal presence that the high street offers.

For shops that commit to attracting more customers, the benefits are plentiful: a healthier local economy means fewer empty units, more diversity of retail outlets, and steady employment – characteristics that will bring more shoppers to the high street who are willing to spend.

How Bespoke Gift Wrapping Paper Can Forge An Exciting Shopping Experience

In today’s hectic post-lockdown, consumers have little time for diligently wrapping gifts for loved ones (and some simply find the task too frustrating to justify the effort!). Yet gift wrapping has been offered by retailers for centuries, and stores which provide the service tend to exude a higher sense of class and elegance. With the 2021 festive season just around the corner, market demand for attractively packaged gift items is going to increase, as consumers look forward to a ‘normal’ Christmas shopping experience for the first time in two years.

Branded gift wrapping paper or gift boxes are more than just little luxuries that save the shopper precious time and patience. When professionally wrapped, a gift can act as a powerful marketing tool for your brand, helping you to achieve:

  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • An increase in seasonal sales.
  • Higher average order values.
  • Long-term loyalty from repeat customers.

Remember that a gift wrapping service should be offered throughout the year to capitalise on birthdays, seasons, and holidays, as well as the hotspots of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

You needn’t always charge for the service: complimentary wrapping, using custom printed gift wrapping paper, can attract customers and boost sales. But whether you charge or not, bespoke gift wrapping promises to transform the shopping experience, giving consumers greater control over their retail choices and transforming your stores’ brand reputation in a high street where shopping is more tactile and meaningful than the internet could ever be.

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