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Unboxing refers to the simple act of opening a gift. As gift packaging experts, we know that the unboxing experience is as important as the gift itself. When we open a box, much of our excitement comes from the aesthetics of the packaging, the way the papers and ribbon feel in our hands, and the building anticipation of what the packaging is concealing.

When opening a gift, we notice the colours, the patterns, and the logos: the company behind the packaging. If we especially enjoyed the unboxing experience, we’ll remember that company and the good feeling they gave us. We’ll then automatically think of them in future for both gifts for ourselves, and the times that we want to surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift and a great unboxing experience to match. And remember: for every company that produces amazing gift packaging, there are ten others that don’t. Keep ahead of the curve by prioritising the unboxing experience, and you’ll find yourself producing gift packaging that really stands out and keeps you at the forefront of the customer’s mind. To create the perfect unboxing experience for a customer that keeps coming back, there are several aspects to focus on. But first, let’s discuss the bread and butter of unboxing: bespoke packaging.



Bespoke packaging is a fantastic way to wrap your items in a style that can speak for your company or organisation. If you send high-end luxury products or promotional items out to clients, either regularly or as a special occasion, you want uniformity and elegance to be the defining features of your brand.

A memorable and unique unboxing experience can be as important as what the recipient finds inside – with brand engagement being so vitally important to the success of your business, you want to make sure that your packaging is unique and memorable, whether for a promotional campaign, or as a special thank you to a valued client. The person who opens the gift notices what it is wrapped in, whether consciously or subconsciously, and whether the packaging is bright, or the logo is subtle.

product packaging kudos giftwrap


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When you are looking at creating a bespoke packaging experience to suit your customer or client base, you need to call in the experts in style, class and creativity.

We work closely with you as a “packaging partner” to collaboratively discover your needs, and then create and manufacture retail packaging solutions to give your product an air of luxury. You will be able to choose every element of your gift packaging, whatever your needs and vision for your product.

Finally, we manage storage and multi-branch logistics from our own warehouse in Norfolk, taking the burden out of your hands and allowing you more time to think about how you can best engage your clients.



Compare and contrast this… Think thin, stamped wrapping paper that fades quickly and rips easily, or soft yet strong pearlescent gift wrap in a range of beautiful colours? A hastily bubble wrapped ring, or a ring encased in a velveteen, gold-trim box?

Every aspect of the unboxing tells the lucky person how to feel about the product they are unpacking. If you want the person receiving to feel that they’re unwrapping something expensive, special, well-thought-out, well-made, carefully chosen, and unique for them, the gift packaging can say all of these things for you.

How you package helps your brand a great deal – if your packaging looks high-end, feels luxurious, seems expensive, classy, and iconic, the person could start to feel all of these things, too. They will want to associate with your brand and show brand loyalty, because handling your gifts, beautifully presented, makes them feel and look great!

product packaging examples kudos giftwrap




Have you thought about what kind of unwrapping experience you want your customers to have?

It depends on your product and branding – whatever you want from their experience, we can deliver to you. Adding an air of sophistication and indulgence is easy when you select the old movie style glamour of bespoke wrapping paper, invoking some bygone charm. Or give a touch of delicate, fantastical whimsy with tissue paper printed with your company branding.

If you want to engage your client base with a fun and surprising twist in the packaging of your product, it’s easy to create that feeling of wonder with the right packaging, whether that means adding a quirky ribbon or cute label.

Whatever the customer journey you want to create, you are sure to give them a delightful experience when you personalise your packaging.


product packaging examples kudos giftwrap



There is a wide range of bespoke packaging supplies to choose from, depending on the style and flavour of your brand and the product or event that you want to promote. You can choose classic bags and boxes, or an elegant gift box, all printed with your company branding, your logo, or a product-specific message that you want to portray.

Holding an event? Gift bags make the perfect choice for carry-away appeal, which shows you thought of your customer’s needs and convenience ahead of time. Not only that, but anyone passing will also see your branding. If you want to give the gift of a voucher, why not add a bespoke twist there, too? Even if you just need to send out hard-copy documents, branded stationery is a smooth and easy way to get your name out there. An outer wallet enhances the experience for your recipient and feels just that bit more special, no matter what you store inside.

If you are looking to add a flourish to a gift, why not select a branded ribbon with your company colours taking centre stage? Less may be more, but adding the right elegant, simple yet striking touches to your products can make you stand out head and shoulders above others.

Make every element of your packaging a talking point.




Your materials can matter just as much as the overall look of your packaging. Think about the ethos of your company. Do you have a high-end image to maintain? Are you looking to give your customers an aspirational experience which shows them how you could improve their lives? Do you want to engage them in a fun, fantastical way? Or are your green energy and environmental credentials the most important thing to both you and your clients? However, you want people to see your company, you need to put this into every element of what you do. This includes your packaging.

It is also worth bearing in mind how your gifts will be travelling. Do you need them a little more secure? You can choose to package your gifts in a range of materials, from classic choices to modern, eco-friendlier options. If you are invested in green issues, you will want to make certain that the packaging of your products reflects your values with recyclable and sustainable materials being very important.

Reflect your style and values, right down to the smallest detail.




Choosing the correct bespoke packaging company can be vital to having a successful working relationship and making sure that they can deliver everything you need. When you start thinking about what you want from a bespoke packaging company, first consider what your needs are. If you are looking for a large-scale amount of packaging, you need to be certain that the company you select can handle your orders. Similarly, if you are smaller scale, you won’t want this to increase the pricing of your orders by too much.

Also important to factor in is to look at the quality of the materials they are using to create your packaging. Are they based within the UK and Europe, carrying out quality control measures at each step? Do they have everything you require for your diverse gifting and promotional events? And if you are based in another country, will they deliver to you, on schedule and without any issues?

The most important thing is that you feel confident of a reliable and high quality service so that both you and your customers receive the best.


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Kudos Guide


Kudos Giftwrap can help you to achieve all of your gift packaging goals with a fully bespoke service. With a comprehensive range of luxury gift packaging and products, we can do everything from boxes and ribbons, to wrapping paper and labels. You are in safe hands when you choose us to create your customer’s perfect unboxing experience.

We are a wholesaler selling business to business, so you know we have the experience required to deliver a high-end service. We are able to show you samples of similarly printed items for bespoke orders before you commit to a larger order, meaning you are never left with gift packaging that doesn’t accurately reflect your company.

Working with both online and traditional retailers, we have over fifty years of expertise in our team, perfect for helping you to create an excellent customer experience so you can be sure of solid, recognisable branding, improved customer relationships, and a stronger business.