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Unboxing videos have gone far beyond being an internet fad and become a significant player in the retail landscape. The surge of unboxing videos, with views growing 57% over 2022, shows that they aren't fading away anytime soon.


These videos aren't merely product reviews. They're about the journey from the exterior to the interior, offering viewers a first hand look at the unboxing experience, which has much to do with packaging.

An elegant display by Jamie Xie: Chanel, Louis Vuitton & Gucci x Balenciaga

In one of our favourite unboxing videos of the year so far, Jamie Xie delves into a haul of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci x Balenciaga products. As expected from such luxury brands, the packaging is an art form unto itself. Whether it's the elegant Chanel boxes with branded ribbons and rosettes, the careful layering of tissue and cloth wrapping, or the quality dust bags, the attention to detail is exceptional.

The presentation doesn't disappoint with Gucci either. For example, the necklace is neatly nestled in a large box, within a padded bag, on a padded support. Or the dust bags for boots that ingeniously incorporate the Gucci and Balenciaga branding on opposite sides. These small details can transform an unboxing experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Hermes Birkin unboxing: an ode to quality

Jamie Xie's Hermes Birkin unboxing video is another treat for packaging enthusiasts. The simple act of removing tissue paper or unveiling a dust bag makes unboxing akin to a slow, suspenseful reveal. Hermes's luxury is evident in both its products and packaging, from quality boxes to cute ribbons that epitomise quality craftsmanship.

Chanel: classic elegance in packaging

Lenny Winter's Chanel bag unboxing video showcases the iconic brand's commitment to packaging. The exquisite white product bags and boxes with black detailing are exclusive to the Rue Cambon store. The unwrapping process is methodical and captivating, creating anticipation even when viewers already know the product.

Unboxing various luxury brands: a study in contrast and quality

Another Jamie Xie video that captures our attention showcases multiple luxury brands. Each product's packaging tells a different story. From the unique hat-box packaging of a Frederique Constant watch to the beautifully ribboned gift boxes, these brands understand that a positive unboxing experience starts with attractive, quality packaging.

Hermes: Consistent branding and Attention to detail

In Jamie Xie's Hermes luxury unboxing, everything from the distinctive orange boxes with brown ribbons to the gifts of chocolate and champagne that were nicely packaged reinforces consistent branding. Even small details like dark grey foam hangers with glitter to maintain the shape of jackets signify that the brand spares no effort in providing an unmatched unboxing experience.

The impact of great packaging on unboxing videos

Great packaging truly shines in unboxing videos. The anticipation it builds, the tactile experience it offers, and the visual appeal it presents contribute significantly to the viewer's enjoyment. Luxury brands understand this, crafting their packaging to mirror their commitment to quality and detail.

Investing in bespoke packaging goes beyond simply protecting a product. It elevates the unboxing experience, stimulates excitement, and deepens the brand-customer connection. This experience, when shared through unboxing videos, can influence viewer perception and boost brand visibility.

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