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Three Great Reasons To Gift Wrap For Your Customers

The festive season is upon us once more and, as all businesses know, this period is a critical one to engage with customers and boost sales.

Consumer spending traditionally increases at Christmas of course, and a major part of that is buying gifts for family and friends. Giftwrapping the presents you sell to your customers is a great way to add value to the service you provide and give your brand the wow factor.

Here’s three main reasons to gift wrap for your customers.

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The Experience

Buying presents should be a joyful experience and we can ensure this is the case by gift-wrapping the goodies our customers buy from us. One of the key points as a retailer is making the shopping experience amazing so that customers buy into your brand and return time and time again. By offering a giftwrapping service, we can turn the shopping experience from OK, to ‘oh wow’.

The prestige this can bestow can only be a good thing. They will remember you as that amazing place where their present was expertly wrapped and tell their friends. Word of mouth advertising is so important in terms of attracting new customers and keeping old ones.

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Build Relationships

The ability to build a positive relationship between your brand and customers is vital. Business is becoming ever more personal and customers increasingly like to engage with retailers on this level. Taking that into account, the customer experience needs to be more intimate than before.

By offering a gift-wrapping service, we are able to build just that type of relationship in an exceedingly personal way. The positive emotions people will feel in being offered this service will attach to your brand and establish a strong, ongoing relationship between you.

It is also important to remember that the time spent gift-wrapping is a perfect opportunity for staff to interact with customers. The feedback gained from such conversations and the chance to engage with customers in a more informal way represents a golden chance to build mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

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Customer Retention

One of the key factors in sustaining and growing a successful business is retaining existing customers. Once someone has purchased something from you, the ability to ensure they remain a customer into the future is critical.


Gift-wrapping offers the perfect chance to do this as it enables you to provide a service that they will value. Going that extra mile will make sure they come back to you again and again. It lets you as a business show the customer that you are not taking them for granted and are always striving to make their experience as memorable as possible. They will truly treasure this and show that by continuing to spend their money with you.


Overall, we can see that gift-wrapping is a service that sets an impressive tone for your business. Customers love it, and offering gift-wrapping can help your retail business thrive in a competitive market.

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