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How to Giftwrap quickly and professionally in store

Christmas is a magical time of year, filled with festive frolics and special moments spent with friends and family. Offering up the perfect gift is the icing on the proverbial Christmas cake.

To make this time of giving an even more unforgettable experience, it’s all in the presentation. With this in mind, here are 5 of the best tips for wrapping those gifts quickly and beautifully, charming the Christmas socks off your customer and their loved ones.

Looking At The Shape

Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes and whilst a book can form the perfect basis for wrapping ease, not all items will be presented in this way. To make non-square or rectangular present look professional, why not pop it in a box first?

Secure with some extra tissue paper or shredded packing materials and voila - your gift is ready to wrap with perfect folds.

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Quality Control

 The type of paper used is important and plays a crucial role in the end result. Invest in some thick, quality wrapping paper to avoid tears and any pre-present opening peeking.

Another key element in terms of quality? Make sure you have a good pair or scissors to hand. You could even try using a rotary cutter for the perfect straight line.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

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The Art of Stacking Gifts

If a customer has presented you with multiple gifts for one lucky recipient, this could be a great time to incorporate all into one stunning end result, such as a tower.

Firstly, wrap each gift using a different sheet of coloured paper; making sure they all work well together. You could try pastels or keep it super festive with silvers and golds.

Once wrapped, stack each gift on top of the other, with the largest at the bottom. Finish by tying your tower with matching ribbon and a Christmas bow at the top.

Stacked Bespoke Gifts

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Time Is Of The Essence

If you have a multitude of gifts that need a professional makeover, and quickly, this could be the time-saving trick you need.

The step-by-step video tutorial explains the gift wrapping hack as first demonstrated by a Japanese department store assistant in Takashimaya.

As explained in the video, the technique is really quite simple, once you’ve got the hang of it. Ensure your gift is set at a 45 degree angle to whichever paper using, apply some tape to the first fold and keep going from there! 15 seconds later, your gift is ready and your customers wowed.

Japan Giftwrap Hack

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Finishing The Experience

If your chosen style of wrap is plain or block coloured paper, you can really make a present pop by way of decoration.

To take the gift from plain Jane to starry night, you could try experimenting with ribbon. As there are so many styles on offer, available in all widths and lengths, this could the time to truly embrace the spirit of Christmas and decorate to your heart (and customers) content.

Why not also try fixing some festive stickers to the gift, such as snowflakes or stars. This will be sure to leave your customers coming back for more.

Pink Holly Wrapped Up