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It’s a complaint that’s heard on the high street every Autumn: that Christmas arrives in the UK’s stores far too early. But most customers – and many brands – fail to appreciate that preparation for the busiest time of the retail calendar must begin early to capture the first wave of consumers as seasonal merchandise hits the shelves.

According to a recent survey, over one half of consumers begin their Christmas shopping between October and November, with nearly a quarter starting even earlier. Only 25% leave their festive purchases until the last few weeks, so a state of readiness to capture early trade is vital to maximise your business’s profits.

Furthermore, the increasing commercialisation of the festive season and shortening of the holiday has left many consumers craving a simpler, more convenient Christmas experience. For many consumers, high-end gifts eradicate drawn-out and unsatisfying window shopping, while bespoke gift boxes are the perfect antidote to laborious hours fighting with patterned paper and sticky tape.


How Bespoke Gift Boxes Can Transform The Customer Experience


1. Making Your Brand More Memorable

In a society that is increasingly hectic, convenience is many consumers’ priority. Demonstrating that you understand your customers’ needs helps to shape a positive relationship and stimulates brand loyalty. Incentives like free shipping are offered by many retailers, whereas customised gift boxes are less common, making them an unforgettable way to showcase your brand’s distinctiveness.

By offering a packaging service for your products, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to meeting the needs of your customers while saving them the time and hassle of individually wrapping their chosen gifts.


2. Improve The Appeal Of Your Products

Product aesthetics is a key factor in determining whether consumers will purchase from your brand. With 70% of shoppers confirming that the design of packaging influences their choices, it makes sense to make customised gift boxes part of the retail experience.

Unboxing a gift blends excitement, mystery, and elegance, increasing the chance of both the buyer and the recipient developing an affectionate attachment to your brand. Bespoke gift boxes can be designed to reflect the ethos of your business, add a sense of luxury, and sear your brand into the long-term memory of your future customers.


3. Establish Your Business’s Green Credentials

Each year, over 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is disposed of, making the Christmas season one of the most wasteful and environmentally damaging times of the year. Customised gift boxes can reduce the amount of waste, encouraging reuse and recycling, and firmly establish your brand’s green credentials.

With a luxury gift box, recipients are less likely to carelessly throw packaging away. Many will keep the box for many months or even years. Also, gift boxes eliminate the problem of lines of adhesive tape that are overused with wrapping paper, posing a challenge during recycling. By offering bespoke gift boxes, you’ll increase positive brand awareness and make a contribution to reducing needless waste.


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