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 Two gift boxes that have tencel ribbon wrapped around them.


Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is becoming a pressing concern for brands that want to establish their environmental credentials. For luxury brands in particular, eco-conscious packaging can help attract discerning customers who care about sustainability, deflecting accusations of waste and unnecessary expense. Eco-friendly Tencel ribbon offers an attractive, eco-friendly solution for gift wrapping and packaging. Let’s explore the benefits in this article:


Sustainably sourced from responsible forestry

Tencel starts as raw material from renewable eucalyptus and spruce trees, not ancient ‘old growth’ forests. These trees are harvested using responsible forestry practices, with full attention given to the ecosystems these trees support. The manufacturers of Tencel ribbon look after the long-term health of their forestry plantations by planting new seedlings and nurturing diverse ecosystems.

Tencel ribbon carries certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) that validate its sustainability claims. FSC certification means that consignment of Tencel ribbon is tracked across the supply chain, from responsible forestry operations through to production. You can be confident you're making an eco-conscious packaging choice with Tencel.

Fully biodegradable and compostable

Tencel is 100% biodegradable and compostable, breaking down completely in industrial and home composts. It won't linger in landfills or oceans like plastic. Brands can promote the compostability of Tencel ribbon to appeal to eco-conscious consumers who want sustainable gift packaging.

Tencel ribbon also carries certifications that support its biodegradable claims, like TUV OK Compost and TUV OK Biodegradable (soil, marine, and freshwater). These rigorous certifications give assurance that Tencel will decompose safely across different environments.

Durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to use

You may think a biodegradable material sounds flimsy, but Tencel ribbon is actually extremely durable and strong, capable of withstanding tension and holding the weight of gifts without fraying. It also resists wrinkling and shrinkage when exposed to warm temperatures and humidity, maintaining an attractive, smooth appearance. Despite its strength, eco-friendly Tencel ribbon has a soft, smooth texture that makes it easy to tie onto gifts, handling much like conventional ribbons. Tencel comes in beautiful colours like cherry red, forest green, navy, gold, and silver that can align with luxury brand palettes.

Validated by eco-friendly certifications

Eco-friendly Tencel ribbon has been validated by several UK and international certifications, like the FSC and TUV OK Compost mentioned previously, while also carrying other respected certifications, including the American USDA BioPreferred, which validates the use of renewable plant materials like trees, and ISO 14001, which verifies responsible environmental management processes.

These certifications provide assurance to luxury brands that Tencel ribbon aligns with their own sustainability commitments. They allow you to substantiate any claims of eco-consciousness to customers as well.

Discover an attractive sustainability solution with Kudos Giftwrap

Tencel provides a renewable, biodegradable option that appeals to sustainability-focused consumers, delivering the beauty, durability, and luxury feel that branding demands. With certifications to back it up, Tencel ribbon enables brands to make credible sustainability claim, all while maintaining the premium unboxing experience customers expect.

Discover how this innovative material can help you attract eco-conscious consumers seeking ethical, luxurious choices with Kudos Giftwrap. Our team of experts can help you identify Tencel products that align with your style and sustainability goals. Contact us today to explore how eco-friendly Tencel ribbon can enhance your brand's image.


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