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The unboxing experience is central to making Jewellery dazzle, and thankfully it doesn’t need to cost the earth. There are plenty of options when it comes to sustainable jewellery packaging. Here are four of the most popular!


1) Cardboard

Versatile, strong, and stylish, cardboard is a fantastic option for sustainable packaging and boasts a range of environmentally friendly credentials. As a renewable material, its carbon footprint is further lowered by its ease of production and light weight. These reduce emissions throughout both the production cycle and transportation. Cardboard also earns five stars for the choice of finishes that can be achieved, which range from silky smooth to a softly textured shine – a perfect showcase for sparkles.


2) Sleeves

Sleeves are rapidly becoming the superstar of the e-commerce stage - the ultimate lightweight sustainable jewellery packaging experience. The sustainability portfolio of packaging sleeves is impressive, and includes features such as being recyclable, reusable, and designed to avoid excess packaging. The ergonomic shape of a jewellery packaging sleeve feels comfortable, kick-starting the customer’s positive experience, and the sleeves can be extensively personalised to let the brand’s message and vision truly shine.


3) Paper bags

We have Hollywood to thank for the vision of paper bags that burst all over the pavement. Thanks to multiple design innovations, the reality is very different. Paper can be manufactured to be both tear and water resistant, significantly increasing its durability while offering an impressive array of green credentials. Completely recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable, paper also requires less water to produce than options such as cardboard. As it is feather-light on the scales, transporting it requires little fuel, making paper one of the most sustainable jewellery packaging options out there. Creative designers often make use of the extensive potential for personalising paper packaging with ribbons, stickers, and similar bespoke touches that bring a brand to life.


4) Mushrooms

Mushroom packaging isn’t widely available yet, but watch this space, because it’s tipped to be the new sustainable packaging sensation. Due to a range of unique features, mushroom packaging has one of the most eco-friendly footprints out there. It grows rapidly, requires almost no energy, is completely biodegradable, and does not release carbon back into the atmosphere. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), mycelium – the intricate web of mushroom tendrils under the soil – can be crafted into almost any shape, tweaked for durability and quality of finish, and is virtually free to produce. The WEF is expecting us to be living in mycelium houses by 2050, but for now companies such as IKEA are already using it for their packaging.


What next?

At Kudos Giftwrap, we care about the environment and are here to support companies in making their jewellery enterprises even more sustainable. For more information about the benefits of sustainable jewellery packaging, please call today on +44 1923 220055.


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