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Packaging is making headlines in 2022, and for all the right reasons. In March 2022, 200 countries signed up to tackle the problem of plastic pollution in what has been described as “one of the world’s most ambitious environmental actions.” At the same time, e-commerce is booming, placing more demands upon the packaging industry. Here’s how the packaging world is changing, and how your company can benefit.   


1) Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging

Sustainability is the hottest trending topic for 2022 and beyond. Around 270 million tonnes of plastic packaging are produced every year, much of which ends up in global oceans. Even when recycled, plastic can cause extensive damage, with toxic microplastics entering all levels of the food chain. Consequently, companies are being urged to look at other options. Importantly, it is consumers who are the major force behind the change.

Companies interested in reducing their carbon footprint can make a good start by exploring sustainable e-commerce packaging solutions. These include cardboard, paper, and recyclable sleeves, and there are lots of new innovations on the horizon. For some great ideas, check out the Kudos Guide to Sustainable Packaging!


2) Digital printing

Traditional printing methods have a range of drawbacks that 2022 is seeing resolved. Analogue printers are energy hungry and are frequently inefficient, leaving a sizeable carbon footprint. Additionally, print runs often produce excess packaging that cannot be recycled, creating unnecessary waste.

Digital printing is revolutionising the packaging industry. Flexible, efficient, and less energy intensive, digital images are also making an impact in 2022 due to their extensive potential for packaging customisation. Companies can also save designs for quick print runs, offering much needed scalability in uncertain economic climates.


3) Customised packaging

Creating a connection with the customer is central to branding, but it can be a major challenge in the realm of e-commerce. Without a bricks-and-mortar store, generating the brand experience is reliant upon building a digital presence and getting the packaging right. Inherent inflexibilities within traditional packaging have created many headaches for e-commerce companies that increasingly rely on the all-important unboxing experience.

2022 is the year that is seeing companies tackle the issue head on with greater opportunities for customisation. By personalising packaging, companies can take control of the message that they send while building vital connections with consumers.


4) Minimalist packaging

Many of the trending topics of 2022 are orientated towards sustainability, and the shift towards minimalism is no exception. Outrage at excess packaging has routinely made the headlines, both because of its carbon footprint and because of unnecessary waste. Consumers are clear that they want change, and – thankfully – it’s arriving.

Minimalist packaging involves reducing the amount of design on the substrate, which is usually cardboard or paper. Companies often opt for little more than a logo, which ensures that their branding is still clear. In fact, at Kudos Giftwrap, we’ve noticed that e-commerce sellers using minimalist packaging can showcase their brand even more clearly by making the logo the star of the show in the form of a sticker. Rapidly becoming a trend in terms of looks and design, we’re expecting plain packaging to remain in the spotlight well beyond 2022.


What next?  

The world of packaging is always dynamic and evolving, and at Kudos Giftwrap we’re here to help companies keep ahead of the curve. For more information about keeping your packaging relevant, please contact of our e-commerce packaging designers today.

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