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With e-commerce jewellery businesses sparkling more brightly than ever, there’s competition to get the packaging right. Is it possible to deliver the diamonds without breaking the bank? Here are five affordable jewellery packaging options that are sure to wow your customers when your items arrive on their doorstep.

1) Gift pouches

Elegant, classy, and effortlessly ergonomic, gift pouches are a treat for jewellery lovers and retailers alike. Few resources are needed to produce, transport, and recycle a gift pouch, helping e-commerce jewellers to keep costs low. Gift pouches have the added benefit of being both sustainable and customisable, giving businesses the freedom to let their brand shine with bespoke colours, fonts, messages, and logos.

2) Gift boxes

A timeless classic, jewellery gift boxes are a firm favourite among people buying jewellery as a gift, and receiving items as gifts from others. Jewellery gift box packaging can be tailored to any budget, which many e-commerce companies find helps with scalability. Boxes are available in a range of designs, they are fully customisable, and sellers can select the ideal gift box material to communicate the brand message. Sustainable gift boxes made from recycled card or wood, and using eco-friendly inks, are becoming increasingly popular among premium jewellery manufacturers.

3) Gift bags

Gift bags for jewellery are one of the most cost-effective and sustainable choices out there. They have all the communication potential of a gift box and the convenience of a pouch, but with fewer materials and easier assembly. Jewellery gift bags are normally made from cardboard, making them cheap to transport, and your bags can be custom-sized to comfortably accommodate several bespoke boxes or pouches. They can also be easily recycled, so long as you use biodegradable inks and foils. Gift bags can be digitally printed with beautiful individual designs, and embellished with glitter, ribbons, and stickers.

4) Display cards

Keeping jewellery safe and secure in transit is always important, especially with desirable and high value items. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to cost the earth, nor involve compromising on appearance. With holes to keep the items in place, display cards fit neatly inside gift pouches, boxes, and bags, reducing the risk of small earrings, rings, and bracelets becoming loose or getting damaged in the post. Available in a range of designs, display cards are an ideal way to easily present delicate chains and complex items without them becoming tangled.

5) Gift-wrapping

Gift-wrapping can add a personal finish to any gift, but that’s not the only reason that companies and customers value it. Gift-wrapping is a way of authenticating the security of the product inside, and it also gives the customer choice and flexibility about how they transport the box when purchasing gift items for direct delivery to their recipient. Gift-wrap is fully customisable, helping to showcase your brand and create a meaningful unboxing experience – an essential consideration for deeply personal products like jewellery.

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Packaging is the first point of contact between your brand and the consumer, so it pays to get it right. To learn more about affordable options that make an impact, please get in touch with one of our packaging specialists by calling 01923 220055.


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