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Royal Warrant


The Coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth II took place on 2nd June 1953, so if you are younger than 70 years old, the upcoming coronation of her son King Charles III will be a unique and historic occasion. And with the crowning of the new king comes a complete changing of the guard in a wide range of public areas connected with the monarchy – from postage stamps to post boxes, and also the issue of Royal Warrants!

As some of our customers are holders of Royal Warrants from the late Queen and often feature this honour and distinction on their packaging, this article will hopefully answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Royal Warrants and how they will be affected by the new reign.

What is a Royal Warrant?

Have you ever noticed the phrase "By Appointment to…" alongside a familiar brand? This prestigious statement indicates that the company holds a Royal Warrant - a mark of recognition from a high-ranking member of the royal family. Essentially, a Royal Warrant is a seal of approval that a business has provided goods or services to the royal household for at least five years. It's an honour that celebrates excellence, quality, and outstanding service, and it can only be granted by the monarch or one of his or her nominated Grantors..

Who can receive a Royal Warrant?

A Royal Warrant is issued to a Grantee, who is a named individual within a business. This person is responsible for the correct use of the relevant Royal Arms on all digital and printed brand materials and packaging. There are only about 800 Royal Warrant holders in the UK, ranging from florists and tailors to cheesemakers and even the occasional dog food supplier. Grantees include businesses and service providers of all sizes, from individual artisans to large international companies.

How long does a Royal Warrant last?

During a reign, a Royal Warrant is usually granted for a period of five years and is reviewed in the year before it is due to expire to determine whether it should be extended for another five-year period. The Royal Warrant may not be renewed if the business relationship with the Crown no longer exists, the business stops trading, or the Grantee dies or ceases their relationship with the company.

Can I still use a Royal Warrant issued by the late Queen?

Yes. If you or your business was granted a Royal Warrant by the late Queen or one of her authorised Grantors (the Duke of Edinburgh, or the Prince of Wales) you can still use "By Appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth II" on your branding alongside the appropriate Royal Crest for up to two years after the death of the Queen (8th September 2022).

However, following the coronation of King Charles, there will be a review by the Royal Household of all existing Warrant grants. These grants will either be discontinued or will be reissued "By Appointment to HM King Charles III”, after which all packaging and branding materials should be updated accordingly.

What to do if a Royal Warrant is rescinded?

If a Royal Warrant is rescinded or is not renewed, grantees are allowed a grace period of up to 12 months to adjust all packaging, advertising, stationery, and digital assets and to remove the Royal Arms and insignia from their commercial premises and vehicles.

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