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An interesting example of the in-store packaging our team design and create for customers can be found in the project we delivered for Service Graphics, the retail arm of Paragon, a large visual communications and commercial printing company with circa. 25 shops across the UK.

The Challenge

As part of the Service Graphics brand launch, Paragon wanted to develop a complete range of in-store packaging and branded assets to enhance brand recognition and consistency across the estate. As the client operates multiple branches of Service Graphics across the UK, they needed a straightforward, unified, and transparent source for supplying branded packaging to branch stores and maintaining operations, without increasing personnel at head office.

An added challenge was that the new full-colour Service Graphics branding was not suitable to large-scale flexographic printing, so a decentralised print on demand strategy was required that sustained quality without increasing overheads.

How we helped

The branding team at Paragon/Service Graphics got in touch to enquire about our bespoke packaging solutions. The project objective was to promote Service Graphics with a consistent brand image across all packaging used in shops, and to keep the print and supply operation as simple and streamlined as possible.

The following project KPIs were agreed:

  • Packaging should create a consistent customer experience across all sites.
  • Kudos would deliver an outsourced packaging inventory management solution.
  • An ordering and reporting system would ensure full transparency, cost control, and ease of supply.
  • Materials would be created to share best practices among all stores.


Two of the clients’ main requirements were consistent stock availability and simplicity of supply for individual stores. We resolved this by centralising all packaging products at our Norfolk warehouse, with a simple and transparent ordering service that can be used by individual store managers to ensure that the client never runs out of any items. Paragon/Service Graphics head office is then sent a consolidated report detailing orders by each store, establishing a single, simple, and straightforward sourcing system.

Another core part of our brief was that the brand had to be adapted to work across all packaging products, with board-level approval needed to make adjustments. By working closely with the customer’s senior team, our designers were able to make small intelligent adjustments to the branding that saved the client money without compromising either quality or brand identity.

To help individual Service Graphics branches deliver a consistent brand identity and customer experience, we created a short internal training video to enable new retail staff to quickly learn how to pack products consistently well.

The Service Graphics team were happy with the final packaging products, which can be seen in the photos below.

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We would like to thank the Service Graphics and Paragon team for an enjoyable partnership throughout this project. This was a textbook example of how close two-way collaboration and open communication channels between the client and our design team can deliver rapid and effective outcomes to a wide range of packaging requirements.

To find out more about this project or to discuss your own packaging needs, please get in touch with Kudos today.