Bespoke Tissue Paper

Increase awareness of your brand whilst fulfilling the desires and aspirations of your customers by opting for a customised tissue paper, designed to enhance the unboxing experience.

If you would like to check pricing for your brand, please email us with your logo/design.


 Sheet Size Quantity Cost per sheet Origination
(first order only)
38cm x 50cm 250 sheets 76p/sheet £60
38cm x 50cm 500 sheets 56p/sheet £60
38cm x 50cm 1000 sheets 36p/sheet £60
38cm x 50cm 2000 sheets 22p/sheet £60
38cm x 50cm 5000 sheets 15p/sheet £60
38cm x 50cm 20,000 sheets 9p/sheet £60

 Sheet Size Quantity Cost per sheet Origination
(first order only)
50cm x 75cm 250 sheets 92p/sheet £60
50cm x 75cm 500 sheets 68p/sheet £60
50cm x 75cm 1000 sheets 44p/sheet £60
50cm x 75cm 2000 sheets 33p/sheet £60
50cm x 75cm 5000 sheets 24p/sheet £60
50cm x 75cm 10,000 sheets 12p/sheet £60


Prices based on 1 colour print logo repeat pattern on acid free white quality tissue paper.