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The top five ways to keep your customers coming back

People do business with people.  So be sure that you're personable to every customer.

1          Smile It sounds simple but you can easily forget to smile, especially if you’ve brought your own problems to work. Just the act of smiling at someone, will make them feel more at ease. Eye contact and a smile are the number one for building relationships. So smile for every customer.

2          Use your customer's name. If you can, find out your customers names. It’s a funny thing, how people love to hear their own name, it creates a sense of belonging, it proves that you’re interested if you know their name. But remember… use it sparingly or they may never come back!

3          Take an interest. People always feel good when you take an interest in them - enquire after their weekend, or their pets, or family. In this busy world we overlook the benefit of taking an interest in others and the positive mindset it can create!  Always remember to wish a customer well as they depart.

4          Compliment the customer. You can always find something that you like about almost every customer, that you can comment on positively, it could be their watch, or an article of clothing, or their children that are with them, that’s never too difficult.   

5          Listen to them and confirm back what they say. To listen carefully before you speak is important to understanding your customer, using the same words in a reply proves that you’ve been listening. Once your customer is confident that you have the time to understand them they will tell you exactly what they are looking for. Your own ideas may be very justified but it may be best to keep it to yourself, and focus on what’s best for your customer.


Remember there is nothing like a friendly, interested, and knowledgeable retail sales person to make a sale.


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