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With an ever-increasing number of touchpoints within the global logistics network, bruised and broken packaging is becoming a significant headache for UK companies. Utilising both creative design and innovative materials, robust packaging may be the answer. Here’s what it offers!


Reduce the cost of Returns

Returns are a major problem for ecommerce companies. Flimsy packaging, which can easily lead to broken items, is a primary contributor to returns. Often, customers will send the product back simply due to the damage to the box – especially if they’ve purchased the item as a gift.

Protective packaging, which has been manufactured to withstand scratches, bumps, dents, and water damage, is therefore a cost-effective way to lower your returns rate.   


Increased Customer Loyalty

With loyalty comes predictability and stability, helping to shape healthy growth and enabling retailers to produce more accurate sales forecasts. Creating the perfect unboxing experience is a tried and tested method of achieving this, and the quickest way to ruin the experience is with a damaged box. Damaged boxes and items can send a message to the consumer that they are not valued by the brand, quickly sending them to a competitor.  

If you value your loyal customers or are searching for ways to bring greater security to your ecommerce enterprise by building loyalty, robust gift packaging is an ideal place to start.


Stand out in the face of Market Saturation

The ecommerce marketplace is highly saturated. Unless you are selling something that you have personally manufactured, it is almost guaranteed that there are hundreds of competitor companies featuring similar products on their virtual shelves. Standing out from the crowd can therefore be a formidable challenge. Companies that fail to make a presence for their brand can quickly find themselves smothered and unable to thrive.

Packaging strategy is an often-overlooked area, especially your choice of substrate, even though this is one of the most important aspects of the ecommerce consumer experience. Before thinking about the design of your gift boxes, think carefully about what you require from the box itself. If strength and durability are important, these become an astute investment.  


Your chance to convey a strong brand message

Gift boxes and packaging are a vital communication medium in online retail. The shape, size, colour, texture, design, and branding of the box all convey important messages about your company’s aims, ethos, and vision. Thinking carefully about the statement that you want to make with your packaging can go a long way towards setting up a coherent relationship between the product and your target buyers.

Robust packaging sends a clear message about strength, security, and self-confidence. When the box is strong, so too is the brand.


Take a first big step today

If strength and durability are important, these become an astute investment, with the potential to save packing time and personnel. At Kudos Giftwrap, we offer a range of robust e-commerce packaging solutions. To learn more about how our boxes could benefit your company, please call 01923 220055 today.