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The Keep Campaign


What a month!  What a March!  We're not going to pretend that things have been "Business as Usual", but rather Business as un-usual.  While retail outlets across the country closed their doors mid March we took valuable team-time to brainstorm: What next.  Sure, things are going to change, and change is the new norm; but what won't change is good relationships.  Even while we have to stay home.


At Kudos, we're going to KEEP SmilingKEEP WorkingKEEP PositiveKEEP MarketingKEEP CalmKEEP GoingKEEP CollaboratingKEEP Talking and KEEP Confident.


As part of our Keep Campaign, we'll be sending you value-adding links and tips, to help everyone keep smiling, keep positive and keep calm.  If you don't currently receive our E-marketing please get in touch using our Contact us page.


Whether you are busy dispatching food and hygiene supplies or having an enforced break we want to KEEP supporting you.  With this in mind, we've designed our easy enquiry form for you to Review & Enquire for Packaging, so you can review your potential needs in view of making savings when the time is right.


For help at any time (packaging or otherwise) just send us a message and we'll be back in touch.


Ronnie Devine, Managing Director


Review & Enquire for Packaging


Please find below examples of some useful and interesting links that will come on E-marketing, including a Colour-by-Number which comes from my kids to yours!  If you don't have kids to occupy at home we hope you enjoy this simple, relaxing, past time. (There will be a new one of these each time).



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