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Gold Silver Leaf Doublesided Counter Roll 7489Gold Silver Leaf Doublesided Counter Roll 7489
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Gold Silver Leaf Doublesided Counter Roll 7489

The Gold Silver Leaf has always been a popular choice for anyone wrapping a smaller gift. Being double-sided means you can have just one counter roll and enchant customers with atleast two different gift-finishes (Silver or Gold) before you start adding bows, ribbons, tags...
From £115.00
From £115.00
Pearlescent Silver Counter RollPearlescent Silver Counter Roll
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Pearlescent Silver Counter Roll

Our Pearlescent range is a superb choice if you want sophistication and a plain coloured wrap and works well with any size of gift. We recommend 30cm width as being the best size for gift wrapping jewellery and smaller items; 50cm width as a...
From £39.75
From £39.75
Twilight Cream Counter Roll with Gold and Silver StarsTwilight Cream Counter Roll with Gold and Silver Stars
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Twilight Cream Counter Roll with Gold and Silver Stars

The Twilight Range is high quality gift-wrapping; traditionally a suitable choice for wrapping items small to medium in size, perhaps best alongside gold and silver accessories.  This latest edition includes tiny dots as well as gold and silver stars on a matt black background. Pattern...
From £38.50
From £38.50
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The importance of choosing the right Colours for your Packaging

by Elspeth Devine 05 Jan 2023
The box for The Glenlivet who has chosen the right colours for their packaging

It's no secret that colours play a significant role in marketing. Almost 85% of customers say packaging colour contributed to their decision to purchase. Research also shows that having a signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80%.

Here are four more reasons why choosing the right colour is critical:

1) Stand out to the Consumer

When selecting colours for your packaging, it is crucial to consider the preferences and attitudes of your target market and buyer personas. Conducting research and gaining a deeper understanding of colour psychology can assist in making informed decisions that will result in more visually appealing and relatable packaging.

Different colours evoke different emotions and can impact consumer behaviour. For example, bright colours can often suggest playfulness and excitement, while muted tones elicit feelings of sophistication and reliability.

By selecting colours that align with your brand identity and appeal to your target market, you are more likely to create a positive perception and attract potential customers.

2) Set yourself apart from the competition

Consumers are often inundated with choices on ecommerce websites, so standing out from competitors is crucial for making a sale. One way to do this is through unique packaging design, including eye-catching colours – presenting a compelling brand identity on the web page and on the doorstep.

Research shows that colourful packaging can increase consumer attention and brand recognition. It may be tempting to go with more traditional or muted colour choices. However, taking a risk with bold hues can make your product stand out and attract potential buyers.

Remember that the colours must align with your branding and overall aesthetic. Taking advantage of the visual impact of colour in packaging can give you an edge over competitors and boost sales.

3) Achieve recognisable Core Branding

Consistent use of distinctive colours in packaging design helps to establish a strong brand identity and ultimately enhances brand recognition among consumers. Experimentation with different colour schemes in future iterations becomes easier when a recognisable core branding is already established.

In addition, consistent packaging colours help to convey a clear brand story and amplify the overall impact of marketing efforts. Therefore, maintaining consistency with packaging colours should be a priority for any business looking to solidify its brand presence in the marketplace.

4) Represent your Product

The colours of your packaging can also convey to customers important information about the product, such as a green package indicating natural ingredients or a black package indicating luxury. In addition, consistent use of colour in your packaging can help establish your brand identity and attract repeat customers.

When deciding on packaging colours, consider the story you want to convey but also the potential cultural or societal connotations associated with particular colours – which can vary considerably between countries, and even region to region within the UK. For example, green is a patriotic, celebratory colour in the Republic of Ireland, whereas in the USA, green is the ‘colour of money’.  Overall, carefully selecting packaging colours can profoundly impact consumer perceptions and purchasing patterns.

Ready to choose the right colours for your packaging?

If you're looking for sustainable packaging solutions that will help your business stand out from the competition, contact Kudos Giftwrap. Our team of experts can help you choose the right colours and designs for your product's packaging. We'll assist you so that your packaging looks great, aligns with your brand identity, and appeals to your target market. Let us help you create a package that effectively represents your product and makes a statement in today's competitive marketplace.

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