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Consumers are automatically drawn to products that are popular and enjoy a good reputation among their peers. As social animals, the endorsement of fellow human beings is an important marker of trust and relevance when making a purchase decision. In marketing, the positive impact of good customer reviews and popularity is called social proof, and is an important strategy for boosting sales in e-commerce. In this article, we discuss the concept of social proof and how brands are using it to leverage sales.

What Is Social Proof?

Social proof is a term borrowed by marketing and advertising professionals from popular psychology, and in crude terms can be summed up by the phrase “monkey see, monkey do”. In other words, people are more likely to replicate certain actions if they see other people doing it, and this has been proven in all walks of life, from where people choose to park in car parks, to the restaurants they visit, and the clothes they buy.

The Internet has elevated social proof into the realm of online retail, and brands now use the concept to create a buzz around their products and boost sales through a blend of customer reviews, shareable content on social media, and endorsements by influencers.

Applications For Social Proof

In e-commerce, social proof is used to support a variety of sales strategies, including:

  • Encouraging sales by advertising the fact that a product is in high demand – capitalising on the fact that top-selling products tend to sell better than less popular products.
  • Increasing urgency by displaying scarcity, and using fear of missing out (FOMO) to drive sales – products are selling fast, grab yours today!
  • Building credibility through the number of social media likes, shares, and followers, e.g. viral content and the ‘wisdom of crowds’
  • Building trust through independent customer testimonials and positive reviews
  • Demonstrating product quality through verifiable certifications, accreditations, and professional affiliation

How Bespoke Packaging Can Enhance Your Social Proof

In the world of online retail, the appearance of products plays directly into the quality of your customer experience, and how shareable your products are. Many customer reviews on Amazon and Facebook, both positive and negative, relate to product packaging and the customer’s unboxing experience on arrival. Attractive, easy-to-use packaging creates a positive first impression, and is also picture-worthy, with shareable images that can quickly be published on social media platforms.

Equipping your e-commerce products with eye-catching bespoke packaging increases the chance of reviews and images being shared online, and raises the likelihood of making sales among similar buyers in your target group.

E-Commerce Packaging From Kudos Giftwrap

At Kudos Giftwrap, we design and supply a wide range of boxes, wrapping, and packaging solutions for products sold through online retail – from artisan jewellery, to greeting cards, clothes, and electronics. Our packaging design experts can help you create bespoke packaging that appeals to the tastes and ethos of your target buyers, fostering a positive brand image and encouraging both social shares and online sales.

So, to discuss your branding ideas and sales goals with one of our team, and to start making more sales online, please get in touch with one of our packaging design team today.

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