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Customers come to your salon for an experience, maybe that's why we've seen a rise in Hair & Beauty Salons introducing a gift-wrap service; to add to the experience.

By gift wrapping the products you already sell, you could make a small change for big impact; because we all know that in Customer service it's the little things that make a big difference. 

Could gift wrapping be a small extra value-add that you could sell at the counter?  
Giftwrapping in store has a perceived value of £3-£7 depending on your location, but the material costs to gift wrap are very low.


Would your customers appreciate a gift-wrap service?  It's not difficult to start.


Simply choose a giftwrap that will suit your client-base, whether it's macho-blacks or Silver, or sensational Fuchsia; Deep purple, great for girls or guys.  You know your clients best. 

All Giftwrap Counter Rolls

Then for a Giftwrap dispenser: if you want a single lightweight dispenser, with Zero-hassle and perfect wrapping we recommend the SpeedyWrap range. Alternatively if you want a more sturdy option, for Under-counter or to be Wall-mounted, then we recommend the Legro range where you can choose to have a Single, Double or Triple dispenser.

Accessories are easy to choose: from Bows and Ribbons, to Tags and Tissue, or you can choose to keep things simple and finish off with a stylish Maltese Star.

Keep it simple:

  • Giftwrap✔️
  • Dispenser✔️
  • Maltese Stars✔️

If you need help at any time, we look forward to discussing your requirements on the phone/01923 220055.

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