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All about Bows!

The image above shows off (from Left to Right): Large Pull Bows in Metallic Gold, Large Pull Bows in Paporlene Gold, and Metallic Gold Confetti Bow.

All about Bows! 

Bows offer a quick and easy finish to 'complete the look'. Selecting the colour, size and style to suit your wrapping needs is an art to perfect. 

Keeping in mind what you intend to wrap, consider the following:

Size - What size will look right, not too big or small

Colour - To suit the item / to match something else / brand-matched

Style - Does the bow need to co-ordinate with some other element of the wrapping - be it the Giftwrap, bag or ribbon.  Perhaps it needs to stick down a Printed tag. 

Packing area time - What do you have time for? A bow offers a finishing touch that is quick to perform and looks great.

Brand & Core values - Align the look with any brand and core values related to the item being packed.

Below we talk through some of the different styles and sizes and finishes of bows and what they have to offer.



As they sound, very small. Starting from 25mm in diameter, they are a good solution for giving a neat parting touch to very small gifts.  VIEW ALL




Still our Number 1 Bestseller, these come in a range of colours and 3 finishes: Metallic, Pearl and Paporlene.  Metallic is high-shine and timeless, while Paporlene is Matt with a wood-grain finish.  The Pearl finish tends to have a twist of another colour in it, like the White with a hint of pink.  Being Small but not too small they work well on small to medium sized items.  VIEW ALL






The Oslo range of Chiffon Bows were designed in stunning Gold and Silver to match a luxury Ribbon for a unique and bespoke delivery.



Designed to coordinate with Recycled wrap and Eco-friendly packaging. These have been produced from recycled material, and then printed either on one side or both for added Luxury.  Simply peel off the backing (also produced from recycled material) and stick down. VIEW ALL



Quick, stick and wow! These are quite big so they work on a range of Medium to Large gifts and recently survived an online delivery test when Kudos Confetti bows were tested on how well they bounced back after being squashed all weekend.  Happy to report that they passed with Flying Colours! 

For best delivery, we do recommend that gift-wrapped items are protected in transit with suitable filler and outer packaging.

Available in a range of colours and finishes: Metallic, Pearl, Paporlene and Satin.  VIEW ALL






These are the space-saving option!  Delivered flat-packed as small strips of material in a neat box, you simply pull up the middle 2 Ribbon ties to perform the perfect bow.  Available in 2 sizes.  VIEW ALL



This bow has been designed to close the bag, with a rip off strip that goes either side of the bag, between the handles, and acts as a secure close.  The bow itself has a brushed Satin finish with a classy cut-look, similar to raffia.  VIEW ALL



These can be used to stick on an embellishment as part of the finishing touch because each comes with a peel and seal on the reverse, for example a Foody note on the side of a box of Confectionery.


This is a tied ribbon arrangement designed to slip around a specific box size, made to measure, for easy packing.

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