Protega Protect Paper Cushioning System


Packaging System


Eco-friendly protective paper cushioning

Our Paper Cushioning and paper packaging void fill is proven to prevent damage to goods in transit and gives the end user a positive environmentally friendly unboxing experience.

This is essential for protecting valuable items in transit, and helps to eliminate damages

  • Reliable rigid protection for your products 
  • No settling of the contents ensuring safer protection even for returns
  • Simple programming for pre-set lengths
  • Unique space saving machine weighing only 50kg, small footprint from only 635mm x 360mm
  • Height adjustable stand available
  • Made in the UK - available in 2 sizes subject to your requirement
  • Pre-folded rolls for easy handling
  • On delivery this can be deposited safely in any domestic recycling bins

This system is available on flexible contract rate subject to your annual volumes - please enquire.

These machines create a paper cushion from a preformed 3 ply roll of environmentally friendly Kraft paper. This effective paper cushion is not to be compared with regular void fill in the form of packing chips of scrunched paper.

WE RECOMMEND USE OF THE PROTEGA PAPER CUSHIONING SYSTEM  ALONGSIDE THE HEXCEL WRAP.  Are you ready for a demonstration? Please contact us on 01923 220055 or email us on



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