Kraft Stars Black Giftwrap Counter Roll


Counter Roll

1 Roll

Size: 100metres x 50cm width Roll

We've added this design into our Kindheart range as we thought it would be popular with companies wishing to choose a design that will last all year.  A classic star pattern printed in 2 colours across Kraft paper.  In the main image here it's been put with White Biodegradable Tencel ribbon.

Produced on uncoated Kraft paper, from recycled material.  No chemical components (coating for instance) or plastic materials have been used.

Pattern repeat: 12cms, small design

Weight of paper: 70gsm 100% recycled paper

100% Recyclable / PEFC Certified 


Accessories shown in pictures: White, Natural Cream and Black Biodegradable Tencel Ribbon

$72.00 (ex VAT)

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