Designer Tissue - Mini Spot Red (240 Sheets)


Designer Tissue Paper

240 Sheets

Designer Tissue paper, available in 8 gorgeous designs:

  • Forest Art Gold on Dark Red, a display of trees in sweeping artistic confidence (the same as Forest Art Giftwrap)
  • Forest Art Gold on White, as above
  • Imprint White, with varying large to very small intricate snowflakes in Gold and and Silver on a snowy White backdrop (the same design as the Imprint range)
  • Imprint Gold, as above
  • Mini Spot Red, suitable for a range of retail outlets and shopper styles, with small gold spots on a Red backdrop (the same design as the Mini Spot range)
  • Mini Spot White, as above
  • Twilight White, with tiny Gold and Silver stars on (the same as the modern Starry Night and Twilight designs of Giftwrap)
  • Twilight Red, as above

MG grade (Machine-glazed finish) and Acid-free (safe to wrap fabrics)

Sheet Size:  500mm x 750mm

Weight: 20gsm


$72.00 (ex VAT)

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