Biodegradable Tencel Ribbon - Mink


Biodegradable Ribbon

1 Spool

Biodegradable Ribbon designed to be 100% compostable.  The Tencel fabric is smooth and easy to use, lending an earthy look to gifting.

Tencel fibres have been sourced from sustainable wood sources, natural forests and sustainably cultivated plantations.  The wood and pulp is harvested from certified and controlled sources. 

Range of colours available: 

Silver (05), Yellow (10), White (14), Red (20), Baby Pink (23), Cerise Pink (26), Cherry Red (27), Navy (39), Orange (44), Apple Green (50), Gold (54B), Green (57), Olive (57A), Forest Green (59), Purple (63A), Light Brown (76), Chocolate (77), Black (90), Natural Cream (92) and Mink (93)

Tencel Colours 1

Tencel Colours 2

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Would you like yours branded? Branded Biodegradable Tencel Ribbon

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