Posted on by Jeannette Jones

Looking back at which gift wrap designs we sold the most of between August and December 2017, it was clear that most choose Generic over Garish (perhaps not surprising!) Classic over Christmassy (surprising!).

Our front runners were the Illustrious range and the Pearlescent colours, in a mix of colours, rolls and sheets.

We heard about Cosmetic teams that pre-wrapped Gift sets; others that had huge success with launching gift-wrapping online orders for the first time. One of our clients did a test over a weekend on the Confetti bow to see if it could withstand a heavy box on top of it for the weekend, assimilating a transit situation (and still arrive looking great). We understand it past the test, to everyone’s amazement! To be clear, gift-wrapped goods must be shipped with adequate protection in plain outer packaging, to ensure safe delivery to the intended recipient.


Gold vs. Silver
There was a bigger push on Gold than normal; sharing a 60/40 split with Silver: Gold accessories, gold paper, gold bags, gold ribbon, gold bows. Given that our range boasts at least 10 different Gold finishes from Rose Gold to Green Gold, we insist that there must be a gold to suit every application!

As with the popular illustrious design, we found that all the double-sided ranges had Top-clicks

Popular on Bespoke
For bespoke printed products, Ribbon and Tissue paper proved to be the popular choices.

Most popular Ribbon choices
Plain Satin Cream 15x25
Plain Chiffon Black 25x25