Posted on by Elspeth Devine

It's that time of year again—Christmas is just around the corner! It's an exciting time for everyone, especially retailers. But to take advantage of the festive shopping frenzy, your packaging must stand out from other items on the shelf or screen. First impressions count, especially with items purchased as Christmas gifts, and packaging plays an essential role in buyers' purchasing decisions. Here are a few tips to make sure your packaging stands out this Christmas:

Incorporate prints into your holiday packaging

The holiday season can present unique challenges when it comes to packaging design. Packaging should typically remain consistent with your brand's overall image, but customers expect a ‘festive touch’ during the holidays.

Incorporating seasonal prints into packaging allows you to achieve both of these goals. Prints offer flexibility and variety in design while maintaining visual cohesion with the rest of your brand's packaging.

Using seasonal prints can add a festive sparkle without straying from your established aesthetic. In short, incorporating prints into festive packaging strikes a balance between familiar branding and Christmas cheer.

Get creative with the shape of your holiday packaging

One way to stand out in a crowded market is by changing the shape of your product packaging during seasonal events. By doing so, consumers will perceive your brand as innovative and ahead of the curve.

For example, during the winter holiday season, packaging could be designed in the shape of Christmas trees or snowmen. This seasonally-relevant presentation can drive sales and increase brand recognition.

However, consider the practicality and functionality of the altered packaging shape. Make sure it does not compromise the overall customer experience or make the product more difficult to use. In addition, test and research creative packaging ideas before investing time and resources into production.

The result should be unique and visually appealing. It should also demonstrate thoughtfulness and attention to detail in order to resonate effectively with your target market. 

Turn your product into a gift-ready item

When designing a product for the Christmas season, incorporating elements that make it look like a gift can contribute to increased sales. Adding small touches such as bows, ribbons, or a festive message can attract consumers and make them feel valued for choosing your product – while saving them valuable time preparing and wrapping the gift at home.

These design choices can give your product a festive feel and add to its overall appeal. They could also increase the odds of people buying your product as a gift for someone else over Christmas. Making your holiday product look like a gift can increase consumer interest and enhance the buying experience – whether you use solely online or mixed online/high street sales channels.

Now you're ready to stand out this Christmas!

At Christmas, retailers need to pull out all the stops to make sure their packaging stands out. By using prints, shapes, and gift-like elements in your holiday packaging design, you can create an attractive and festive presentation that will draw in customers. With a sprinkle of creativity and effort, your packaging can be one of the most eye-catching on the shelf this Christmas!

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