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Eco-friendly gift packaging

Sustainability isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good business practice too. But many established brands have struggled to incorporate sustainable messages within their packaging because of a perceived clash with their traditional brand identity, and because the associations people make with ‘sustainability’ are not exclusively positive.

Despite massive advances in environmentally friendly wrapping paper materials, for example, sustainable packaging is still sometimes viewed as inferior in quality to other options, and some ‘green’ design trends are heavily associated with cultural and political causes that don’t sit easily with some brands.

By adopting bespoke eco-friendly gift wrapping, e-commerce brands are free to own and reinterpret the sustainability agenda on their terms, creating a meaningful dialogue with consumers while boosting their genuinely sustainable credentials.

It’s Less Wasteful

Eco-wrapping paper, by its nature, is less wasteful of resources. Most eco-packaging is made either from recycled material, or from sustainable alternatives to plastic, such as hemp, vegetable starch, or wood pulp. Reduced waste equates to lower product costs as well as less strain on the environment, meaning that businesses gain as well as the planet.

It’s Just As Appealing As The More Popular Gift Wrap Companies (If Not More)

Gone are the days when eco-friendly gift wrapping was incompatible with most inks and printing methods. Modern sustainable packaging is indistinguishable from other gift wrapping in terms of its compatibility with contemporary design and printing trends, and sometimes allows more design options. This makes eco-friendly gift wrapping equally or more appealing than less sustainable options.

It’s Proof That You’re Supporting Eco-Friendly Companies

By adopting sustainable packaging, you are making a statement about your commitment to environmental sustainability, and to working with companies that share a similar ethos. Consumers like this, but it is also the concept that underpins the so-called ‘Green Economy’. As soon as one business in the supply chain adopts sustainable practices or materials, this soon filters down to other suppliers in the chain, in a way that every business benefits from.

Eco-Friendly Products Can Become A Part Of Brand Message

Eco-wrapping paper creates an immediate brand statement without you having to write a word of copy. As an unspoken part of your brand messaging, sustainable packaging materials underline your seriousness and intention as a retailer, and strengthen trust and credibility among your target customers.

Next Steps

At Kudos Giftwrap, we create beautiful, unique eco-wrapping paper for a variety of e-commerce brands, helping businesses connect with their target market and reduce their environmental impact. To find out more, or to discuss your requirements, please have a chat with one of our knowledgeable packaging design team today.