Posted on by Ronnie Devine

Thanks for your question - Certainly we do bespoke solutions for packaging.

We would do bespoke on only 200-300 items, but we would need to understand your expectations around the cost.

As a rule of thumb we find customers are expecting the cost of packaging to be around 5-8% of the retail price of the product. At most some would go as far as 10%. For high value items this can drop to 1% and below.

For example if the product is retailing for £40 then the budget for packaging would be in the region of £2-£4.

 Also note most companies regard the origination and set up as a part of their development budget, especially where the packaging is for an ongoing product line.

With any bespoke packaging there is a level of development and trialling in the studio getting the sizing, material specification right, then there is the initial tooling for the cutting dies, and if printed the cost of stereos or Screens depending on Flexo print or Screen print. On very low volumes less than 50, we can digitally print and cut out saving some of these costs.

These initial set up costs can be in the region of £250 - £800+ before we produce a box.

These costs are amortised over a larger volume, no problem, but less than 2000 they may seem excessive.

It all depends on what budget and aspirations you have for the packaging, whether you consider it a “brand necessity” or just a “functional component”!

It’s got to be worth an initial chat - Are you free in the next few days? Reach out and book a call into the diary