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 Can Kudos help multi-branch retailers to Save cost and manage packaging?

Great question ... The two largest fixed costs in any retail organisation are the property and the people, added to this retail space commands especially high rates, and space is often wasted in stockrooms, which may be better utilised for displaying and retailing more products. 

Many larger retailers with more than 5 stores also have a warehouse and distribute to the individual branches, creating double moving and handling of products and time delays.

More recently due to uncertainty and lockdowns in many instances these warehouses have been turned into an ecommerce fulfilment centre. But ecommerce fulfilment is a very different business model and mindset to traditional to retail.

Packaging is a necessary part of any retail operation, whether it be the bags, tissue, labels and ribbon behind the counter all the way to Boxes, tape, void fill and protective packaging for ecommerce despatch. The supply of your packaging is mission critical to your operation, and with the sustainable revolution packaging needs to be delivered as economically and reliably as possible.

Our warehouse in Norfolk is set up to stock and despatch to your individual high street stores. We store consignment stock of all your bespoke packaging items, and manage stock levels for planned and seasonal demands. This is a service that we believe can save a multi branch retailer from employment and associated costs, and therefore is of great value to our customers. This allows a multibranch retailer to outsource the responsibility for packaging design and procurement to a specialist team with specific packaging knowledge, and devolve ordering responsibility to the store managers. In the case of a franchise store, this can be converted into an income stream with a rebate contribution to head office costs.

While space, and time are more valuable than ever our end to end Packaging Management service demonstrates value for money and peace of mind.

We are simply… so much more than Giftwrap.

What next?  Could your space be better used for retail and giving your customers a better retail experience, rather than for stocking your packaging?  It could be worth exploring before your next year end.  Reach out and book a call into the diary

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