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When it comes to gift wrapping, the paper type you choose to use is entirely up to you… but just so you know, here’s a few hints and tips on 3 popular gift wrap paper types that will help you choose a gift wrap that’s suited to your brand and gift wrapping skills.

Coated paper with no foil content, recyclable
This paper type works very well for square boxes, but when you come to wrap something fiddly; smaller or an odd shape, the material tends to tear more easily and doesn’t crease very well. Unless you’re a professional you will find yourself wasting paper. That said, the paper is commonly less expensive and generally recyclable.

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Natural Kraft paper manufactured using recycled natural fibres. No chemical components (coating for instance) or plastic materials have been used.
This paper is similar to the Matt Coated paper for working with, in that because there is no foil content, it doesn’t have the elasticity, or ‘give’, when you use it.

Brands that have high ethics will appreciate that this is not only produced using recycled material, but it carries PEFC accreditation for sustainable forest management, caring for economies who rely on forestry as a sole source of income.

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Metallic Foil paper with foil content, luxury (Plus Eco-friendly options!)
This paper tends to be quite forgiving as it creases nicely and because of the foil content, it doesn’t tear. For a newbie to gift wrapping this paper will give you the best chance to get your gift wrapped right first time!

It’s advisable to check the type of sticky tape you intend to use – because of the foil content and finish you’ll sometimes find this paper demands more
permanent sticky tape. Alternatively, try using double-sided tape that will remove obvious glitches, with the sticky tape, that may spoil the look.

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All of these 3 paper types can be printed on both sides, making them what we call ‘double-sided’ gift wrap.

Double-sided giftwrap is really fun to work with and you can give yourself the challenge to see if you can get both sides visible on your wrapped present!

So, to wrap up…

No. 1 - Think about the paper you use… does it tear, is the tape you use OK, is it creating the perfect present?

No.2 - Could you improve on your gift wrapping? By using a more sophisticated double-sided giftwrap, or double-sided tape? How much better could your gift presentation be, with a more classy gift wrap, or a giftwrap better aligned to your brand?


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